By: Erica Belin & Ruben Munoz

In 1978 when the peace talks stalled president carter invited egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin to Camp David the presidential retreat. After 2 weeks the leaders reached an agreement in which Isreal agreed to withdraw from from the sinai peninsula. In return Egypt promised to recognize Isreal's right to exist. Some issues were still left unresolved though
  • Prime minister - the head of an elected government; the principal minister of a sovereign or state.
  • Palestinians - a member of the native Arab population of the region of Palestine (including the modern state of Israel).
  • Camp David Accords - a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt issuing from talks at Camp David between Egyptian President Sadat, Israeli Prime Minister Begin, and the host, U.S. President Carter: signed in 1979.
Picture of the Camp David Accords document.
They finally settled the argument.
Camp David Accords - History Fair Documentary
Jimmy Carter Middle East peace treaty signing - Camp David Accords March 26 1979