April's Lush Lashes and Beauty Bar

March 2015

Happy First Day of Spring!

It's my favorite time of year! A time of renewal and inspiration...our brand new products should definitely inspire you! This month we launched SIX new products and they really are amazing.

Become a founding US Latina Presenter!

Are you bilingual and have family or friends in Mexico? This is a HUGE opportunity for you - we start shipping to Mexico on May 5! Residents of Mexico will be able to sign up to become a presenter later in the year but you can start building a team now. Please contact me for details or click here.

applying 3D mascara

If you're still curious how to apply your FABULASHES, let me show you how easy it is! Watch my quick tutorial.
3D mascara tutorial

Want to host a lash bash or become a presenter?

We do everything via social media - might as well earn some free makeup or get paid while on Facebook, right? Contact me to set up your lash bash! I also love helping other women reach their goals as a small business owner! Younique has allowed my dream to come true - I get to stay home with my 2 kids and still have a fun job that I love! You can do this full-time, part-time for extra spending money, or just for the discount on makeup. You might be a SAHM, a grandma looking for a part-time job, a college student, or someone that just loves makeup - no matter what, this is an amazing opportunity!

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