Keeping the Castle

Patrice Kindl (2012)

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Patrice Kindl

Kindl has won many awards including the Golden Kite Award for Fiction and the Mythopoeic Award for Children's Literature. The book however did not receive any awards

Main Conflict, Resolution, and Important Points

The ongoing struggle for the main character, Althea is she has to marry someone who is rich to save her family and her family's castle. Althea and her family is not rich by any means so her mother is counting on her to save them. She looks for many suitors that are rich and sets her eyes one one in particular, Lord Boring. Throughout the entire novel, she does her best to spend time with him but his friend, Mr. Fredericks, who in her mine is bother to be around, keeps getting in the way. Towards the end, Lord Boring ends up proposing to her step-sister strictly for money, because as it turns out, he is not that well off either. At first, she is crushed, but then she realizes she never really liked him at all and it was good she did not end up with him. In the end, she has a confrontation with Mr. Fredericks and he reveals his feelings about her and she realizes she has feelings for him too. She then finds out that she was wrong about Mr. Fredericks, he was actually very rich. So in the end she was able to save her family and marry the guy she actually wants. The point in all of this, is that sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice to save someone else. A lot of people would perceive her a dense snob because she specifically says she will marry someone for their money. However, throughout the book, you catch hints of how she actually feels about it. She wants someone she actually likes but in order to save her family she has to do what she has to do. So I perceive her as strong because she is willing to allow her self to be unhappy so her family can be.


Overall, this book was a very good read. The plot always keeps you interested and there was never a dull moment in the book. The plot was an original one and it never failed to keep the reader interested. What made the book great is the fact that Althea was the narrator. It could not have been assigned to anyone better. Her voice is interesting because she says what she thinks which can be interesting. The book is refreshing with its funny moments and its brilliantly honest moments. This book is a must!