land consisted of saturated soil

There are 4 main types of wetlands.. Marsh, Fen, Bog, and Swamp.

A marsh is a wetland that has shallow water that covers its soil all year long. Many plants and vegetation grow here such as reeds and cattails, which from this is creates a reed bed which many fish and amphibians thrive here.
A fen is a wetland which instead water above it was water below the soil, from this there is not much vegetation nor plant life here, the most common plant is sedge's. Though many birds to not live here many amphibians do indeed thrive.
A bog is a wetland with a waterlogged environment, from this a blackish soil with a lot of good nutrients is formed called Peat, peat is formed by decay which provides a great variety of vegetation. From Peat meany nesting birds thrive hear, a variety of other animals also live here such as moose and beaver.
Lat but not least is a swamp, a swamp is a wetland that is kinda like a sponge to help soak up over flowing water from nearby rivers, indeed most swamps are found by a river. The main difference of swamps to other wetlands is that swamps have trees that grow in them such as Willow trees. Also many plants and animals thrive here and from this some predatory animals live here to such as alligators.