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May 9, 2016

STAAR Schedule

  • The schedule will change because of STAAR. The Google Doc below has the schedule. Please note that there are 2 tabs - one for Monday and Tuesday and one for Wednesday.
  • The state has decided that they have enough information about everyone's break times. We are no longer required to keep track of break times for students. We will just have to record the total amount of time each student uses to take the test. Directions from the revised manual are included below.
  • No Art classes as Denise Parr will be administering the test.
  • It looks like Monday will be rainy, but if it clears off, no recess on the playground. Once everyone is finished, you may go back out onto the playground. You can set out the cones and block off the bus loop if weather permits.
  • I attached a link to the STAAR video I will show in the morning meeting. The kids are always asking me to see it again, so I attached it so you can show it again.

STAAR Schedule

Directions for recording total testing time on STAAR

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May 9. 3rd STAAR Marh, 4th STAAR Math, 5th STAAR Math Retest

May 10. 3rd STAAR Reding, 4th STAAR Reading, 5th STAAR Reading Retest

May11. 5th STAAR Science

May 12. STUCO Field Trip

May 16. 8:00 504 Meeting for PM Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen, Ruiz

May 16. 8:30 504 Meeting for EF Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen, Ruiz, Stout

May 16. 9:00 ARD for EB Cely, Hansbury, Gibson, Durrett

May 16. 10:45 504 Meeting for JL Dankesriter, Daugherty, Jonas, Schulte, Stanley

May 18. PLC Wear your college shirt and jeans.

May 18. 9:45 504 Meeting for TW Simmons

May 19. 8:15 504 Meeting for GC Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen, Ruiz

May 20. Fine Arts Day

May 23-27 Turn in Technology Week

May 23. 8:15 504 Meeting for LM Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen, Ruiz

May 23. 8:15 ARD for SW Cahill, Puckett, Barnett, S. Brockett

May 23. 504 Meeting for KU Dankesreiter, Daugherty, Jonas, Schulte, Stanley

May 23. 6:30 Kindergarten Graduation

May 24. 8:15 ARD for ZV Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen, Fedde, Ivans, Steigleder

May 24. 9:45 ARD for DS Witler, Cahill, Steigleder, Barnett, S. Brockett, Jonson

May 25. Science Fair

May 25. 6:30 Talent Show

May 26. 2nd grade Market Place

May 26. 504 Meeting for DS Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen, Ruiz

May 26. 9:00 ARD for AM Hansbury, VanderWal, Barnett


May 30. NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

May 31. 9:00 Yearbook signing party

June 1. 8:15 Awards for 2nd and 3rd grades

June 1. 1:30 Early Dismissal

June 1. 8:00pm HS Graduation

June 2. 8:15 Awards for 4th and 5th grades

June 2. 1:30 Early Dismissal

June 3. Work Day


  • Terri Steigleder's daughter-in-law, Brittany needs many prayers! They recently found out that she has developed a second tumor on her brain. They have been treating the original tumor with chemotherapy. Tillman and Brittany will be meeting with th doctor to discuss the possibility of surgery but it is risky. The newlyweds and their families need your prayers. Please add them to any prayer chain you can!
  • Denise Parr has a disease that causes her to lose potassium from her body. It is a rare disorder and not a lot is known about effective ways to treat it. She has been experiencing issues with it lately. Please pray for her.
  • Keven and Carolyn's grandson, Jonas is still having seizures, and they are severe and scarey! He's been to doctors at Cooks and Dallas Children's Hospital. They have not been able to find the cause or an effective treatment. Please continue to pray for him and their family!
  • Stephanie Hendrix's mother-in-law (who is also Cali McQueen's grandmother) passed away on Saturday. Please keep the family in your prayers.
  • Trey Williamson (Landon's dad) has been moved to a rehab facility. After the ATV wreck, he had surgery. After the initial surgery, he had some sensation in his knees. He still has no movement in his arms or legs. Please continue to pray for their family!

I hope you all enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week! Thanks for all you do for our students!

#YouTeach - Teacher Appreciation

I put a thank you card for the PTO on the marker board in the teacher's workroom. Please sign it! Thanks!