julian tapia


airfare cost and schedule

im leaving april 16th and im coming back april 30th. i am leaving denver for detriot michigan. then i catch a conecting flight for frankfurt germany.for both passangers the total cost is $1752.80 i would also use an itenerary to go site seeing



I'm going to stay at the Villa Kennedy Hotel it will cost 358.88 $ /night and $5376 total cost. It has free wifi public parking a pool and an italian restrant in it the hotel that i am going to be staying in is a 5 star hotel its one if th best in all of germany.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/germany/safety-and-security for the most part germany is safe but there is an exception of a few people there are some purse snatchers and pick pocketers and bullys. in some places there is local mugings but if you avoid the dark allys and local bullys and mafia youll be fine


i decided to go to frankfurt germany