Our Library Is Open All Summer Long

Connect To eBooks, Databases, Audiobooks, Digital Tools & US

Student ID # for username & password

Connect To Destiny, our library catalog, through the Destiny Quest App too!

You will download the Destiny Quest App here.

If you are inside of the school, you will enter "http://vmdestiny.vanmeter.k12.ia.us" into the window and then press "Connect" for our library (just like the picture above).

If you are outside of the school, you will enter "" into the window and press "Connect".

It will then tell you it is time to "Get Started" by either entering your User ID and Password (which is your student ID# for both) or to "Explore As Guest" by clicking on "Try Destiny Quest.".

As a parent or other patron, you will just always "Explore As Guest". There is no need to log in.

Student ID # For User ID & Password

On the Van Meter School Symbaloo, you can get to the other webmixes by clicking on the down arrow in the left hand corner. If you can't find the one you need.....you will need to go to that arrow.

Get the username and password from Mrs. Miller in the library or shannon.miller@vmbulldogs.com

Username: Student ID # (1234) and Password: Student ID # plus VM (1234vm)