Patty Murray (WA)


The Democrat From Washington

Patty Murray has been a democratic US senator since 1992. She has served as the Senate Majority Conference Secretary since 2007, making her the fourth-highest-ranking Democrat and the highest ranking woman in the Senate. Currently, Murray chairs the Senate Budget Committee and previously served as the co-chair of the Unites States Congress Joint Select Committee and Deficit Reduction. In previous years Murray was the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from 2001-2003 and from 2011 to 2013. Murray's next reelection will be in the year 2016.

Early Life

Patty Murray was born on October 11, 1950, in Brothel, Washington. Raised by an accountant for a mother and a WWII veteran with a purple heart for a father, Murray grew up to attend Washington State University to achieve a bachelors degree. Murray then became a preschool teacher for several years and taught a parenting class at Shoreline Community College. When getting into politics, Murray was a citizen-lobbyist for environmental and educational issues. Trying to make a difference, she was told by a state senator that she will never "make a difference" and was referred to as just a "mom in tennis shoes." She then took the derogatory comment as her campaign slogan for her running as senator. Successfully, she achieved status as a state senator and a US senator.

Taking a Stance

Through the years Murray has taken very strong stances close to her heart. Murray is a strong fighter for women's rights and equality. Along side, she also strongly favors same sex marriage, abortion as an unrestricted right, the raise of taxes on the wealthy, and the expansion of Obamacare. However, Murray takes strong stances on opposing ideas as well. Murray believes in opposing human needs over animal rights, absolute right to gun ownership, and the idea of never legalizing marijuana. With every stance Murray takes she solidifies her beliefs personally and publicly.

Keystone Pipeline: A Go Or No?

Looking back on the issues Murray has voted on in her past years as senator, it is safe to say she will not be running in favor of the Keystone Pipeline when her term runs out in 2016. If looking for reelection, Murray will be on the opposing side of the bill. This safe theory is proposed due to her votes on opposing the Bush Administration's Energy Policy, opposing drilling on ANWR on national security grounds, and her push to make oil-producing and exporting cartel illegal.

Increasing Minimum Wage: Is It Worth It?

In Murray's push for taxing the wealthy more than the less fortunate, to say she would be for the pay raise would not be a stretch. Murray is for the people, anything to help the people out without harming anyone else. She wants to create equal opportunities for all US citizens, even pushing for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens who also could be eligible for those same opportunities. In Murray's reelection campaign in 2016, the proposition of an increased minimum wage value will most likely be a good political platform for the dedicated candidate.