Paper Staff Call 8/19/2016

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

Back on Track Week

Looking forward to getting everyone back on track next week and all of our families set in their routine for the school year. We are looking to turn our Baton Rouge Blended location into an area where the students can come to connect to WiFi and where parents can log on to apply for relief resources. More details on this effort and how LAVCA will be reaching out to support our staff and students to come.

High School History Teacher

Still looking for a certified High School History teacher. Please send resumes to Catherine Groven.

Assessment Extensions

PLA is extended until August 26

Study Island Qtr 1 Pre Test until Sept 2

DSC (Kindergarten Testing) Week of September 12 - Pending location Confirmation

Aimsweb (K-2) will start after Labor Day

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Outings TODAY!

There are several things to note about outings. First, the events in red are cancelled due to flooding or low reservations. All that registered for these events have been notified via email that they are cancelled. Details about times and meeting spots have been added below as well as admission fees. Families that would still like to attend can certainly do so. Just encourage them to review the details via the newsletter since reminders went out Wednesday that included the required release forms, where to meet, etc. If you have more questions, refer back to the Eventbrite listing here: or let me know.

For those attending, reservation sheets for each event need to be printed for sign-in as well as the directives for all outings. They were emailed out Wednesday. Please review ASAP and reach out with questions. Also, go with the flow...while I plan well, outings never go as planned. Be flexible and even creative as needed. :) The highlighted names below were mailed additional releases in case our peeps forget. If they do not arrive on time, please print a few and take them with you. The links are below. Thanks so much for all that you are doing! You’re GREAT!

Staff Directives for outings:

Required Releases(FYI-no need to print):
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Please share!

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If you are not able to get in touch with a student for his/her Welcome Call, please send an email to Liz with the subject line 5+ Unsuccessful Calls.

We are continuing to have new student orientations (8-12 sessions are Mondays at 10 and Wednesdays at 2. K-7 sessions are Tuesdays at 2 and Thursdays at 10.) for new students who are enrolling. We are also having FAST Live Help every day (Monday/Wednesday 3:30 to 5:00 and Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 to 12:00)

All new students who have received a Welcome Call will be moved into your homeroom classes. If you come across a student who was accidentally moved without a Welcome Call, please let me know. New students will be in your homeroom classes and a FASL support room, so we can make sure they complete the Onboarding process.

Please send a link to your homeroom orientations from the first day to Liz. (I just need one per grade level.)

We will open the tracker for referrals September 6th. **We will be able to help with the displaced students sooner.

8-12 Team

You can find our Flight Plan for the week of August 22 here.

As we are going through our new LEAP data, we definitely wanted to recognize some of the wonderful things happening! Congratulations to Marjorie Morrow for having the highest LEAP proficiency percentage overall and to all of the 'tested teachers' on the team that have noteworthy proficiency. Way to go!
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K12 News

  • Be on the lookout for the Teacher Pulse Check Survey coming to your email (make sure your email has been updated at K12 Training). These surveys measure satisfaction, morale, and time spent on various tasks. Your input and participation is valued.

  • National Professional Development - Practices From the Field

Event: Practices from the Field

Date: Thursday, October 27th 2016

Time: 1-4pm

Proposal Review Period: ongoing until August 31, 2016

Final Presentations Due: September 29th, 2016

Now Accepting Proposals!

All faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to submit proposals! We welcome individual and small group proposals. Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis until August 31, 2016.

Practices from the Field Proposal Survey:

A Quick Tune Up

Research Topic 1

Research Topic 2

Research Survey

Take a short survey on the research articles we have reviewed this past month. Let's us know they are making a difference.

Living the Learing

Four Corners Strategy


Tech Tip Take Off

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