Jordan Wilson

Personality Profile

All About Me ~(^.^)~

  • Dislikes: Homework, poodles.
  • Likes: Balloons, Volleyball.
  • Favorite color: Blue:D
  • Birthday: June 1st
  • Favorite animal: Wolf!!!

I am 39 % extrovert and 61 % introvert. (:

I am able to listen to others, you show a good emotional intelligence, I know how to bring my support to others.
I am also intellectual and intelligent, I wonder and inquire before taking any action.
Finally I am creative, I always have new ideas, and my inspiration comes from the inside.

My understanding of my environment :p

At first, at 35%, I am focused on the facts and on the reality, and my decisions are determined by my perception of facts.

Then, at a ratio of 33%, I am attached to moral values and feelings, and I have an emotional relation with the environment.

Finally, at 31%, I am centered on my thoughts and my actions are determined by my knowledge and my experience.