Feb. 1-5

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Events:

* Tuesday, Feb 9 is our first Walk the Loop PE! Please make sure your child has brought back a signed permission form, or he/she will stay on campus and do alternate PE.

* Camp Consent Form (White) due Feb. 11

* Camp Behavior/Bus Permission Form (Blue) due Feb 11

* Camp payment due Feb. 26 ($320 to Alderwood Elementary. Write student name on memo line).

* Money can be brought to my classroom or dropped off in the office with Ms. Joann.

* We don't want anyone to stay home from camp due to financial constraints. If you need financial assistance, please contact Mrs. Rydman. If you'd like to make a donation to help those who need assistance, you can contact me or donate directly in the office. See Ms. Joann).

* Valentine's Day - Students may distribute Valentine's to the class on Thursday, if they want. If so, they should bring one for each student (we have 32 kids total).

We Wish You Well (for Hunter)

Our friend, Hunter, is moving next week. I've asked the kids to write a note for the "We Wish You Well" book I'm putting together. If you could remind your student to please write a note in Google Docs and share it with me by Tuesday, I'd be so grateful!

Questions to ask:

* Can you convert the score on your math test into a percent? (I deliberately did NOT put a percent on them)

* Name one of the properties you've reviewed in class this week. Can you tell me what it gives you the power to do?

* The original expression is 6 (3 + 2) + 14 * 2 . Can you make an equivalent expression using a property (ask what property was used). Can you deliberately make an expression that ISN'T equivalent (ask what property was broken).

* What was the value of the N Box when it was being tossed around to students? (we didn’t know—it was unknown)

*What does “evaluate” mean?(Find the value of. Can only do this with an expression when someone gives us a value to use for N. Otherwise we don’t know.)

*Tell me about Ancient China’s geography. (Physically isolated- water, deserts, and mountains.)

*What philosophies did you learn about this week? (Legalism, Confucianism, and Daoism)

*Compare Legalism and Daoism. (Legalism viewed human nature as wicked so there should be strong rules/consequences and a strong government. Daoism encouraged individuals to live in harmony with nature and with inner self- did not want to be involved in government.)

*What is your new chapter in Science? (Volcanoes)

*What can you tell me about the three types of volcanoes you studied?

*How is your Chromebook research going?

Missing Assignments

* E-mails from Aeries sent Wednesday. If you did not receive an e-mail- your child was up to date on all work as of Wednesday.

* We request that any missing work questions be discussed between your child and us (Mrs. Holder & Mrs. Sacket-Mowers)- this is a safe place for them to learn how to do this!

* Thanks for directing your students to talk with us (before school, recess, lunch, and afterschool) instead of emailing us first!

* Suggestions to discuss at home when you find a missing assignment red box- check binder, desk, at home, backpack, and the Fred/Mildred “No Name” file.