Michael Scott

Supreme Court Justice for you and America

Best Man in The Office=Best Man for the Bench

Being the Scranton Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin for 15 years has provided Mr. Scott with great experience with dealing with the laws of business and corporations, which would prove to be very valuable for the court. This man would bring balance and order to replace Justice Scalia. By implementing a work less play hard system, Michael Scott has led his branch to be the most successful in his company. There's a reason he has a World's Best Boss Mug.

How Would He Act?

Mr. Scott would vote for more conservative, trying to help individuals on an equal level, which is how he tries to make his subordinates feel at the office, by putting them in their place with no illusions. In Gruter v Bollinger, Michael would vote to no affirmative action ensure everyone is equal in their opportunities. Michael has an issue of making people feel awkward about their culture because he makes that a point and way to identify people but he does it because he loves respecting other people's way of life and that's what we need in this world, respect.