1:1 Device Procedures

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Chromebook Procedures

We are excited to have students (and their Chromebooks!) back in our building on October 12th!

Two important things to remember:

  1. Bring your Chromebook and charger to school every day, including the very first day of school.

  2. Charge your student’s Chromebook in a common area every night (kitchen, living room, etc...not the child’s bedroom), so your student is ready to use it each day at school.

Your student will need their own school-issued Chromebook to bring to school each day. If you have been using a personal Chromebook for online learning and do not have a school-issued one, please contact us to have one issued to your student before school starts on October 12th.

Students should have a backpack to bring their chromebook and supplies to and from school safely. If you need help with backpacks or supplies let us know.

The better prepared we all are, the easier our first days back will be!

As always, we are here to help! If you have ANY questions at all regarding Chromebooks or returning to school, please call the office (989-894-2744).