Peregrine Falcons

illustrator satyam sood

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Snowy Owl vs. Peregrine Falcon
Birds - peregrine falcon dives at 180 mph - Ultimate Killers - BBC wildlife
High-Velocity Falcon

peregrine falcon facts

Peregrine falcons live up to 15 to18 years old. Baby peregrine falcons way 1adult way 2 pounds. They live every where in the world except Antarctica. they eat a lot of .They mostly live in australia.they go super fast.peregrine falcons are the fastest bird in the world when they dive they go 340 miles per hour. They eat humming birds,pigeons,and rabbits,doves,small hawks,snowy owls and other birds.There nests are called a scrape they mostly make it on high areas like a canyon a tower,sky scraper.When they glide they go 150 miles per hour.Peregrine falcons can eat human food too.Peregrine falcons beaks are very sharp .


. they fly super fast

. they miagrate almost everywhere

.they dive at they're prey super fast


. eagles

. big hawks


i know it's in my group because it can fly and because it's a bird