Waterville Primary School

Sharing Great News with our AWesome Staff!

"Hold your head high and your mind open, you can always learn" (Willard Straight)

Thank you to all staff for their approach to the professional development delivered during the 2 hour delayed start. Your participation, receptiveness, and willingness to consider new ideas and classroom instruction is so vital to our growth and success as a school. Your growth mind-set is evident as you each continue to work hard and integrate new strategies to challenge and teach our students so they actively LEARN.

Events for the Week of September 28-October 2

Dates to Remember

Monday, September 28th: Pizza lunch with Principal @ noon

Monday, September 28th: WPA Mtg @ 7pm

Wednesday, September 30th: Walk to School Day

Wednesday, September 30th: Soul Shoppe Assembly for Students

Wednesday, September 30th: American Fidelity Appointments

Thursday, October 1st: Soul Shoppe Parent/Guardian Meeting @ Whitehouse

Friday, October 2nd: WPA Movie Night

Wednesday, October 7th: GLC meeting @ 7:45am

Wednesday, October 7th: Walk to School Day

Thursday, October 8th: Bucket Filling Store @ 8:30am

Thursday, October 8th: Jamie at Admin Mtg 9am-11am

Thursday, October 8th: Staff Meeting @ 3:40pm-4:40pm

Friday, October 9th: Bucket Filling Shop @ 8:30am

Friday, October 9th: Homecoming Football Game and Parade @ 5pm

Monday, October 12th: Pizza Lunch with Principal

Monday, October 12th: BOE Meeting (Lori and Justin recognized) Let's all attend to show our support!

Tuesday, October 13th: RtI Meetings 8:00am-4pm

Wednesday, October 14th: SIT Meeting 8:30am-3:30pm

Soul Shoppe Assembly

Everyone is looking forward to our annual Soul Shoppe assembly on Wednesday, September 30th. We have worked to create the schedule for assembly times and classroom visits below:

8:15-8:25 Teacher Meeting - Lounge (donuts and juice)

8:50-9:35 K-2 Assembly - Community Room

9:50-10:45 3-4 Assembly - Community Room

11:00-11:30 Daniels/Rosebrook - 4th Grade

11:35-12:05 Buffy/Pedro - 3rd Grade

LUNCH (Pot Luck!! Be sure to sign up.)

12:50-1:15 Snyder - 2nd Grade

1:15-1:40 Ernsthausen/Siravo - 2nd Grade

1:45-2:15 Smith/Foore - 4th Grade

2:20-2:50 PM Kindergarten Assembly

2:55-3:25 Prayter/Snyder - 3rd Grade

Thank you for your continued support of this great program for our students and families!

Soul Shoppe Family Event

This is a copy of the email blast that went out to families, inviting them to our Soul Shoppe event on Oct 1:

You are cordially invited to our Primary Community Night with all three elementary buildings on October 1st at Whitehouse Primary. We will be hosting a presentation from Soul Shoppe on building character and creating safe schools. The pizza party starts at 6:30pm followed by activities for students and Soul Shoppe for parents at 7:00pm. Each student will be brining an invitation home this week. To RSVP please either return the bottom of the invitation or register at http://tinyurl.com/SoulShoppeRSVP. Hope to see everyone there!!

General Information

*OTES observations will be starting next Monday, September 28th. Please sign up for your observation if you have not yet already done so. I will also create another schedule for second semester observations.

Please continue to work on your professional growth plan and submit to me for feedback before sending it to me for approval in eTPES. Thanks you, I have already received and approved quite a few from staff.

*Please remember to sign up for the Birthday Club! The sign up sheets are on the counter in the workroom.

*Please remember to sign the "Get Well" card for Shelly, also in the workroom.

*There is a staff seniority list hanging in the workroom. Please check that your information is correct and initial. If the information is not correct, please use a red pen to correct any errors or write in an addition.

*Thank you to staff for being so understanding with students arriving to class late due to the bus evacuation drills!

*WPA is in the process of scheduling the Outreach School Programming done by the Toledo Zoo. You will be receiving an email from Sign Up Genius to register for a time slot. The dates and number of sessions are as follows:

October 7th -

3 sessions in the morning, 3 sessions in the afternoon

October 8th-

3 sessions in the morning, 3 sessions in the afternoon

October 21st-

3 sessions in the morning, 3 sessions in the afternoon

October 22nd

3 sessions in the morning, 3 sessions in the afternoon

*Please make sure to check your mailboxes for updates (especially possible student transportation plans) each day at 2:00pm or after.

*Located next to the mailboxes-on the counter in the workroom- is a donation envelope for Justin Vandiver and his family.

*Our employees are the only individuals that should be using the laminator from now on. Please do not have teacher candidates or room helpers use it. We have had a few mishaps lately due to user error from building guests and we are trying to keep it working as long as possible. I apologize if this is an inconvenience but we need to make sure it lasts. Thanks for your understanding.

*Please remember to sign up for an appointment with American Fidelity on September 30th using the google doc shared on Wednesday

*Please remember to work as a grade level and fill in your "wish list" for the Wonders leveled readers using the google doc shared last week. We need to get an estimate of cost before pursing anything further.

*Please remember to sign up to observe one of your colleagues. Everyone has received their golden pirate booty and tickets! Let the fun begin!!!

Girls on the Run!

Our first season of Girls on the Run is off to an awesome start! The girls have been working hard to achieve their goals each practice. This week, they learned about the importance of positive self talk. They also practiced some different activities which helped them to understand that thoughts can have a powerful effect on emotions. We are already making so much progress toward our goal of running the 5K on November 21st!

Halloween Parade

The excitement for our Halloween festivities has already begun to build! We have been receiving questions from parents about when everything will be happening. The parade will begin at 2:15pm on Friday, October 30th, followed by your classroom parties. I realize this is a bit earlier than some of the other holiday events, but we want to ensure that our kindergarten and younger students have enough time to get ready/change into costumes without being too rushed.

I plan to encourage parents to enjoy the fun of the day by watching the parade and not extend the invitation to include everyone coming back into the classrooms. I prefer to have the room helpers that have signed up to assist at the party, to be the ones in the classrooms. This way we are better able to account for all of the adults here in the school with our students. Please let me know if you have any concerns about this plan. Also, we have name tags in the office that we would like you to send home, in advance to the adults helping with the party, so they can arrive to school with them on.

Let me know if you have any ideas about a staff theme for costumes this year. I have already been given the suggestion of a Disney theme-which I'm good with! I have quite a bit of Disney apparel after my trip this summer! Still open to any other ideas though!

The remaining holiday parties for this school year are as follows:

Tuesday, December 22nd: 2:30pm-end of school day

Friday, February 12th: 2:30pm-end of school day

Looking forward to these fun events!

RtI Day: October 13th

I would like to handle our first RtI day a bit differently than it has been handled in the past. Instead of having the entire grade level meet, I would like just the homeroom teacher to attend the RtI meeting (instead of the entire grade level). This will cut down on the number of substitutes needed and also teachers that do not have any students to discuss can remain in their classrooms teaching. I shared the RtI google doc with everyone that we will schedule our meetings on. If all of the meeting times are taken, we can look at scheduling a second meeting day. Also, if you do not need the entire 45 minute time slot, you can indicate and adjust it on the schedule so someone else can split the time slot. You will be receiving the updated RtI paperwork in advance of the meeting. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Grit-Home School Connection

Whitehouse did a fun "grit themed" activity with their staff on this past Wednesday. Here is the link in case you would like to do this with your class: http://www.wikihow.com/Fit-Your-Body-Through-an-Index-Card

Here is the link to a new article by Carol Dweck about Growth Mindset:


Make sure to read this!!

Got Grit?!

Modeling grit is extremely important as we look for opportunities to increase resiliency and perseverance in our children. The willingness to share your own examples of failure and the amount of effort you have had to put forth to accomplish goals can be very powerful. Don’t underestimate your value as a role model and influence. Thomas Hoerr (2013) reminds us that “What we’ve learned along the path to success might be the best thing we can teach”. Students often have the misconception that others are just smarter and luckier-not realizing that an enormous amount of practice and failure have contributed to the end result of successfulness.

Below is a graphic that clearly depicts “The Iceberg Illusion”, or the thought process of many students, and adults, that only see an individual’s success. We do not always consider the persistence, failure, sacrifices, disappointments, positive work habits, hard work, and dedication that led to the ultimate SUCCESS!! Help your students to consider these other factors that cannot always be seen, by sharing your own examples. In the classroom we are also sharing examples and working at not minimizing our own attempts so the students can see that adults also practice grit every day.

September Grit Challenge for Home: Ask your child to complete the most difficult part of his/her homework (or chore list) first for the month of September. Ask your child to share a mistake that he/she made during the day and what was done to correct it. If your child gave up, discuss what can be done next time a similar mistake is made.

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