Price: $ 9.99 per pack

Does Your Enhanced Plant Look Like This?

If your plant looks like this, we might have a solution for you! The miracle seed helps prevent 99% of diseases. Use this seed and a few precautions and your plant should turn out just fine!

Are You Experiencing These Problems?


We combined an enhanced seed with Triticonazole, Chitinase, Glucanase and Prochloraz to break down the enzymes enhancing the common diseases. This enhanced the seeds growth 20%!
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Can you see a possible solution to decrease the diseases in a genetically enhanced seed?

Affecting the environment

These seeds not only help your plant grow better, they also help your environment by helping the soil and plants stay safe and unharmful. This seed will help your whole farm land for more successful crops.

Quotes from customers

" after using the MiricaleSeed I've been able to have better crops so I can sell them and make some extra money for my famile" David Smith

"My plants always used to get diseases until I started using MiricaleSeed. It completely changed my crop production." Ashley Wilson

"MiricaleSeed has opened so many opourtunities for my crops, I have money now for new work opportunities." Taylor Wilson