Save The Chimpanzees

By Monica, Evan and Padraig


The chimpanzees Walks on four feet. Sometimes they stand on two and walk like we do. They have black or brown fur. Also, they live in groups up to 100 or more. Chimps are one of the most social in the ape family. Chimps are known to eat fruits and insects.


Chimps are commonly found in forests , tropical places , and grasslands.They're also found in Africa , the orang-utans of Asia , savannas, and woodlands.

Population And Why They Are Endangered

In the wild only 172-700 or 299-700 left in the wild. Back then there used 3,000,000 , but the number has decreased because they are being hunted. Also habitat loss has been affecting the number of chimps.

Saving The Chimps

Humans can stop hunting them. They can help by stop destroying their habitats. Humans can chip in by building reservation areas suited just right for chimps. Also we could build our homes away from the chimps.

Interesting Facts

Chimps Are Fun

Did you know the chimpanzee peels bananas with their feet. Also Chimps can live 10,000 feet in the air. This height is found in tall trees in the savanna and other habitats of chimps.

Our Sources

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