United Montessori of Oconee

The best option for your children

What We Teach

We are a Montessori, so we monitor your child from infancy to nearly adulthood (K-12). Our purpose is college prep that stresses the basic traditional math, science, language arts, and social studies.

School & Class Sizing and Environment

The school is roughly the size of a football field with many classrooms. Low teacher:Student ratio, about 5-10 students per teacher. The school is located in a beautiful field with many rest areas for recreation or study throughout the day. There is also a lake nearby where students can unwind and relax if the are feeling overwhelmed or stressed!

Location and School Info

We are located in Oconee County of Georgia. Students here score the highest average SAT scores, low crime, low pollution, and rural beautiful country land which makes it a suitable place to raise educated children. Our name, United Montessori of Oconee, represents unity and freedom for our students.

Rules and Privileges

Here everyone respects one another. Everyone helps one another and does not cause conflict. Students receive the best, so they are expected to give their best. There is no strict dress code, however you may not wear illegal clothes (gang relation, extreme skin showing, etc.) and the clothes must be weather appropriate.

Lunch and Breaks

Students can leave in between classes to relax and chill out if the need to in the field or by the lake. Lunch is served and made fresh everyday with organic foods by a top chef.

Parent Connections, Schedule, and Learning Experience

Parents can contact the teacher through email and phone numbers to call. Parents are also permitted to come and visit anytime they like! The can stay the whole day if they like. The schedule is 4 blocks with 2 core classes and 2 electives that change each semester. Students have access to the best technology, with hands on, mental, visual, and listening experiences.

Mascot, Colors, and Song

Our mascot is a Spartan, with red white and blue colors. The Spartan represents honor and teamwork, and the colors show unity and freedom. Our song is The Beatles' "Getting Better".

Our Mission

United Montessori of Oconee was founded in 2016, offering traditional skills that nurture and excel students into life with a mindset of success and understanding.

Us vs Public Schools

We pay attention to your child and give special nurturing and care that you wont get at public schools. We help your child personally, 1 on 1 and do not force on standardized tests.