Major League Second Grade News

Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, December 4, 2015 A Week in Review

I did it again...forgot homework on Thursday night!! I apologize!

Please don't forget to send a coat to school! Hats and gloves are ok too, just be sure to put a name on them as they sometimes get misplaced.

Some students have shared pictures this week of their Elf on a Shelf. We have enjoyed seeing what crazy thing they do next! We look at them briefly on the Smartboard and it allows that student to answer questions from their classmates. If you have special things that you do on the weekends or during the week, please send pictures to my email address. I never mind taking a few minutes in the morning to allow your student to share. It works on their confidence with their speaking skills and listening skills and allows opportunity to ask and answer questions! These are important skills that we work on in second grade.

We had a guest reader this week from Scholastic. The kids did a great job showing her respect! They enjoyed listening to a new reader!!

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can make new works with ir, ur, and er. *I can determine which to use when spelling words like bird, curb and mother.

Reading: *I can complete a character map describing personality traits, a physical description, behavior and feelings. I can illustrate a setting from a fractured fairy tale. (Same story line but different characters and setting)

Writing: * I can state my opinion about a topic (we are trying to convince Miss Martin that we need an extra recess :0), using the linking word because and support my opinion with important reasons geared toward a particular audience.

Science/Social Studies: *I can determine the properties of a rock. *I know that rocks are made up of one or more minerals.

Math:* I can add 2 two-digit numbers using a variety of strategies. *I can recognize addition and subtraction are related and use that to help me understand story problems.

*I can investigate numbers that can and cannot be made into groups of two or two equal groups. * I can characterize even and odd numbers as those that do or do not make groups of two (partners) and two equal groups (teams)

Items for next Week-

We started a Science Unit on Rocks, Soil and Fossils. We will work on this until Winter Break.

December Character Trait-Compassion

Caring about others

Upcoming Events

Dec 3- Major Savers Fundraiser Begins

Dec 16- Major Savers Ends; School Store

Dec 22- Winter Breakfast, Read in and 3 hour early dismissal


Jan 5- School Resumes