Modern Era 1750-1900

Preston Smith 3rd

Chinese reject British trade 1793

Qianlong rejects open trade in a letter to Britian after an ambassador visits China.

Napoleon invades Egypt 1798

Part of Mediterranean Campaign the successful invasion of Egypt kept French trade open and undermined Britians trade in India.
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Famine and Rebellion in Japan 1830s

A major famine was the Tenpo famine(1833-1837) which caused rebellion to corrupt officials who refused to help feed the people.
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The Opium Wars

There were two opium wars between the British and Chinese(1st: 1838-1842 2nd:1856-1858) that were caused by China illegalizing opium trade to avoid corrupt politicians and addicts. Offended Britian launched a naval invasion to end the defiance. First war ended in treaty favoring Britian the second Britian won brutily.
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Tanzimat reforms in Ottoman Empire 1838-1876

An attempt to turn the empire from a theocratic old system to a modern state. For example equal treatment of non-Muslims and a secular school system to name a few. Basically wanted to westernize empire.

Taiping Uprisings 1850-1864

A peasant rebellion which captured Nanjing in 1853 but it was recaptured in 1864 by imperial forces to end the uprisings.
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Admiral Perry arrives in Japan 1853

Admiral Perry arrives in Tokyo harbor with a small naval fleet but enough to inflict major damage to Japan which had no navy. They demanded they open trade ports with the US which they did knowing they could not hold off western power of military.
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Self-Strengthening 1860s-1870s

Attempt in China to reinvigorate a traditional China while borrowing cautiously from the West.

Meiji Restoration in Japan 1868

A chain of events under emperor Meiji that restored an imperial Japan.
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Sino-Japanese War 1868

Fought between the Qing Empire and Japan for control over Korea. The Qing called for peace after defeats on land and sea plus the loss of the port Weihaiwei.
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Ethiopian defeat of Italy 1896

At the Battle of Adwa the Ethiopians defeat Italian forces to preserve Ethiopian independence.
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Boxer Rebellion in China 1899-1901

In Northern China the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists aka the "Boxers" laid siege to Chinese and Western Christians killing thousands. Western and Japanese powers crushed the rebellion in Bejing where embassies were attacked and fined China as a punishment.
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Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905

War fought between Russia and Japan. Japanese won to gain colonial power of Taiwan and Korea and are also seen as an Asian military competitor.

Young Turk Takeover in Ottoman Empire 1908

Young civilian military elites were exercising their power to westernize the Ottoman Empire. Secular schools were opened and women had the right to be schooled and wear westernized clothing. Turkish was dominant language and allowed religious equality.
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Japan annexes Korea 1910

A treaty written by Japanese officials basically taking control of Korea. Korea never actually signed the treaty. This Imperial power needed in 1945.
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Chinese Revolution in 1911

Revolutionaries in Southern China led a successful revolt in 1911 against the Qing Dynasty ending the imperial power and planting the Republic of China.
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