All About Me

By: Josie Wicks

How Old am I? Where was I born

I am 12 years old and I was born April 2nd, 2003

Where was I born?

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri

Who is my biggest influence?

My biggest influence is my brother because is the reason I play soccer. He pushes me to do my best no matter what people say.

What are my favorite activities?

My favorite activities are soccer, drawing, and basketball

What is an occurrence that changed my life?

An occurrence that changed my life would be about 7 years ago when I started soccer because I met my best friends and it has taught me to be a better person.

What is my favorite food?

What is my favorite place in the world and why?

My favorite place in the world is Argentina because it has so many pretty artifacts and they also have a very interesting history.