Kutz Chronicles - October ~2013

Kutz - Where children care to learn & children learn to care

Halloween Theme ~ Kutz Faculty and Staff are Super Heroes!

Come join us for our Halloween Parade on October 31st at 2:00PM. All are welcome but Car-Pooling is STRONGLY advised. Parking will be limited.

Please refer to your child's classroom teacher for directions on party attendance. Parties are for homeroom parents only - Sorry no younger siblings.

Remember that costumes should be entertaining and not too scary. No plastic weapons allowed.

Handyman/woman Needed

Do you have a knack for working with wood? Do you want to do a project that you can work on during a time frame you desire? Do you want to help your school?

Kutz had an Assembly with Richard Hight a renowned inspirational speaker who painted and then spoke to the children. He made us two huge canvas pictures of a Cougar. We need a handy person to frame them with wood and put a thin plastic covering over each painting to protect it. Kutz will pay for all materials. These artistic works will be placed in the gym.

Kutz Kids Work on Study Island over the Summer!!!!

The following students didn't say "No more pencils - no more books" over the summer. They used the summer to hone their test taking skills and keep their brains active by doing work on Study Island. These students completed up to 250 sessions on the Study Island Website.

Congratulations go out to:

Ralph Gariano

Christopher Gejer

Trisha George

Devyn Growney

Amanda Katz

Skylar Stewart

Dillon Gejer

Amanda George

Riley Growney

Rija Keshri

Maxwell McCallion

Morgan Salmon

Rachel Brill

Rebekah Grzywacz

Talia Siranni

Savannah Stewart

These students won a Dinner at Applebees and a lunch date with the me!

Looking forward to having Pizza with all my hard working students!

Nutritious Foods in the Kutz Cafeteria ~ A Few Words from Aramark

A few parents have asked how the Kutz Cafeteria food fits in with our Healthy Eating Goal. This is information from the Management Staff at Aramark. We hope it helps!

All of our menus meet or exceed the USDA requirements and also meet Bronze level certification by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. When we develop our menus, we are required by the USDA to stay within an age-grade determined min-max calorie range and to limit saturated fat to a specified percentage. We strive to serve quality nutritious meals by creating our menus using whole grains, lean proteins, low fat cheeses and encouraging the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For breakfast, all of our bagels, English muffins and breads are whole grain rich. Other options in the morning such as assorted muffins and French toast sticks are also whole grain rich and all of our items are baked, not fried. Please note that our elementary menus are localized with some schools offering additional menu items daily. Kutz Elementary School features breakfast sandwiches daily made on whole grain bagels with eggs and low fat chicken sausage as an option.

Our lunch items including French fries are baked too, as we do not have any fryers in our schools. Daily for all grade levels, we offer a protein salad and a colorful array of fruits and vegetables from a self-serve bar. For example, this past Wednesday the students were able to serve themselves fresh salad, baby carrots, orange wedges and crisp red apples.

Enabling students to choose their own fruits and vegetables has increased excitement for making healthy selections and we are currently looking into a “Build-Your-Own Salad” option for lunch.


What is the most important ingredient for motivating children to develop personal responsibility and the skills/characteristics to become high achievers?

Every year…as kids return to school…people begin to ask this question. Some believe the answer lies in developing improved teaching methods and more advanced curricula. Others contend that the solution involves improving the types of tests administered to students. At Love and Logic we believe that the single most important factor affecting children involves the quality of relationships they experience with important adults in their lives. In fact, we believe that there will never be enough rewards, consequences, or techniques to get kids to behave and learn responsibility if we are not first developing positive relationships.

Rules provided without relationship result in rebellion.

Consequences given without relationship lead to resentment.

Rewards without relationship feel like bribes.

When most of us recall the adults from our youth who had the biggest positive impact, we think of those who:

  • Had high expectations and communicated those through loving limits.
  • Focused mostly on strengths…not weaknesses.
  • Spent a lot of time with us.
  • Listened to us.
  • Didn't tell us what to do but rather guided our decision making.
  • Were empathetic when things went wrong.
  • Modeled healthy, assertive behavior.
  • Held us accountable…yet loved us even when our behavior wasn’t lovable.

Evident from this list is the fact that adults who enjoy the very best relationships with children are viewed as powerful and loving at the very same time:

As this school year unfolds, let's make it a goal to be this type of adult for the wonderful children we know and love.

Dr. Charles Fay


In addition to the email messenger alerts that you already receive, we are now able to provide text messaging for emergency school closings, delayed openings, early dismissals, and bus transportation issues to your cell phone.

Text messages will only be sent to recipients who have subscribed to receive them.

Follow the instructions on the website in order to receive alerts from CBSD, Kutz and Transportation. Please go to:

- www.CBSD.org

- Parent/Students (tab on top right)

- Click for Parents

Your cell phone must be on file with us. Parents can review the cell phone we have on file by reviewing their demographic information on the Parent Portal.

If you need, never received, or have forgottenyour Parent Portal Username and Password please go to:

- www.CBSD.org

- Parent Portal Icon (Globe on the top right)

- Scroll down and click on the small orange box in the lower right hand corner

- Follow the instructions for Portal Help

Safety First at Kutz

One of the things we do to keep children safe at Kutz is we practice drills such as Fire Drills and Lockdown Drills. Sometimes we even set up a blockade so that students will experience the unexpected and have to think and ask themselves, "What should I do now?" This gives students practice in thinking during an emergency situation. While we can't predict every situation - we think it is important for all students to be alert and to have good problem solving skills no matter what situation they encounter.

Boomerang Award

This year, Kutz will continue to accept nominations for the Boomerang Award, which is our way of honoring students who best demonstrate their own developmental assets. What are Developmental Assets? Students possessing a combination of “40 Assets” are typically most successful in school and in life. These assets have the power to influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults. For a complete listing of the 40 Developmental Assets visit: www. Search-institute.org.

October: #31 Restraint. Young person can identify, regulate, and control his/her behaviors and emotions in healthy ways, particularly in stressful or unstructured situations

November #33 Interpersonal Competence. Young person has empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills. Young person cares about and is aware of other people’s feelings.



4 Kutz Spirit Day-Blue/White or Kutz Gear

9 H&S Meeting, 7PM

14-18 Celebrate Education Week

18 Eagles Day!

19 Family Fun at Del Val Market, 6:30 - 9:00

21-25 Red Ribbon Week

25 6th Grade Halloween Celebration, 7:00pm

31 Halloween Parade, 2:00pm


1 Kutz Spirit Day-Blue/White or Kutz Gear

6 EARLY DISMISSAL 12:10PM, NO PM-K, End of 1st MP

6 Wrapping Paper Distribution Day

7 Picture Retake Day

15 Twin Day!

18 Report Cards Distributed

22-26 No Kindergarten, Additional Kindergarten Conferences

25 Full Day for Students, Evening Parent Conferences

26 Early Dismissal, Afternoon Parent Conferences

27-29 Thanksgiving Recess, NO SCHOOL