The Library Express

Vol. 2 Issue 2 April 2016

Book Swap Coming Soon!! Send Books in Now!!

The Book Swap is Coming!!! Where? At the Street Fair!!

Friday, June 3rd, 6-8pm

Soccer Field @ Pitney Road & Crestview Avenue

Our 11th Annual Book Swap will be held during the 2nd Annual Street Fair sponsored by the Absecon Education Association on Friday June 3rd on the Soccer Field at Pitney Road and Crestview Avenue.

Start gathering your gently used books and send them in to school now for the swap. Bring in your gently used books and trade for “new” books. The swap is for students and parents. Drop books off in the Media Center now. All books will be transported over to the Street Fair that evening for the Book Swap.

The Book Swap is the perfect time to stock up on summer reading for your children and beach books for you! See you at the Swap!

Homework passes will be given to all students who stop by at the Swap table.

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Jarrett J. Krosoczka Mesmerizes Students and Staff!

After two snow delays and the threat of a third, Jarrett J. Krosoczka finally arrived at the Marsh School! Anticipation was at a peak and the students could not believe the author/illustrator of some of their favorite books was finally here. Jarrett instilled the message of never give up your dreams by recalling how many times he sent off artwork and stories to different publishers. He kept getting rejected but never gave up. And thanks to that persistence we had the honor of having him at our school on March 22nd. Jarrett showed the students how he creates the different characters in his books using different mediums - paint for his Punk Farm characters and ink for the Platypus Police Squad. He made such an impression on our students that several went home to create an art space in their bedroom like he did as well as creating their own artwork and books.

Jarrett's Lunch Lady graphic novels played a big part in our day. He has created National Lunch Lady Day, which normally is on May 6th, but we celebrated a little early. All of the students wrote thank-you letters to our own Lunch Ladies which were displayed in the cafeteria. The lunch ladies were all smitten when they posed with Jarrett for a group photo. Our 3rd graders helped out by creating new spy gadgets for the Lunch Lady character out of recycled materials. They also created videos demonstrating how the gadget works. Both were put on an augmented reality app on our iPads. Jarrett was quite impressed.

Everyone agrees that this visit was well worth the wait! Thank you, Jarrett!!

Teen Tech Week and Maker Month in the Media Center

The Middle school students celebrated Teen Tech Week and National Craft Month by participating in our first Makerspace event in the Media Center. Everyday during CAP from March 7th - 23rd we had a different maker project happening. We learned to sew and crochet, make items out of duct tape, flowers and beads from old book pages, code with beads, fold origami, engineer with paper airplanes, make faction pins for the movie Divergent, and more. Girls and boys from all grades were invited to come and they did.

Soon You Will Be Able to Follow the Media Center on Facebook!

Within the next few weeks, look out for the Media Center Facebook page. This will be the link to find digital student projects, Media Center news and events, and the Marsh Currents. If you want to know what's happening in the Media Center please consider following us on Facebook. Look for Absecon Schools Media Center.

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This newsletter is produced by Rose Hagar, Library Media Specialist for the Absecon Public Schools.