Eco-friendly homes with a modern touch for Canadians


Details about your future home

This home is located in a massive grassland biome, which means it has exceptional soil for gardening.

The front yard has a maple tree providing you with your very own fresh maple syrup. It is surrounded by beautiful roses creating a luscious aroma in and around the house during the summer time. It also has a quite large bird house for any birds flying by with bowls attached inside for water and food.

The back yard however is very simple with patches of veggies and fruit gardens. The veggie garden has a variety of greens such as cucumbers, green beans, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and zuchini.

The fruit garden contains an apple tree, cherry tree, blueberries and strawberries. In addition three is a 8 foot deep and very wide fish pond currently holding roughly 30 fishes, this is very little when the depth of this pond could hold about 100-125 fishes.

A helpful tip to give your plants that fresh market look and taste is to use pesticides, but the good ones. Biopesticides are made of animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals, most of these materials are found in nature itself.

Avoid using Aldicarb pesticide it is not only harmful towards the environment but also very harmful towards you. It can cause problems in your oral roots, difficulty breathing, sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps.


This house is located in a very green environment and its location is far from industrial toxins. I would recommend purchasing an electric car, most preferably a Tesla. The Tesla Model S 2015, is awarded top safety features and produces no toxins that could hurt the environment. It is a beautiful car in and out.

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Waste disposal plan

I would use the simple three ways of getting rid of waste. Recylcle. Compost. Garbage. To avoid having lots of garbage, seeing as it most likely not have another form of use, I would avoid bringing things that have to be garbage and find replacements for that.


I would adopt a polar bear because they are mostly in Canada and they are really struggling. They can't be helped unless we stop global warming. which will not be easy. Also it says that polar bears could possibly go extinct by 2050, so they do not have much time left.
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Toxic Chemicals

Paint, wood polish, and bleach.
(O) Oxygen= Non-Metal

(Na) Sodium= Metal

(H) Hydrogen= Hydrogen

(Cl) Chlorine= Non-Metal

Bleach would be a metalloid because the elements that make up bleach, are both metal and non-metal.


Solar panels are located on the roof of the house and are usually used during the summer. Solar Panels are a very reliable choice of electricity because the sun is a renewable resource. During the winter as the sun does not come out as much we would rely on the cities hydro energy, considering that hydro energy is a also a renewable resource.


To make your house as efficient possible its best to buy efficient things such as energy efficient toilets, LED light bulbs, automatic faucets. I would also allow only showering, no baths to conserve water. I would also rewire the electric switch wires so that when lights are off for the specific room, only one switch is active to avoid wasting energy.


I would buy only Energy Star products such as their fridge, oven, microwave. Additionally, I would buy only HE washing machines, dryer and the special detergent. HE detergent and machines requires less of everything..


I would keep a telescope because where the house is located, there aren't much city lights meaning that the stars are very clear and visible.

Another object i would have is a hand-held vacuum, it uses less energy and is more convenient.

Both of these were made for space purposes.