What Weather Instrument Will It Be?

What's the Purpose of a Weather Instrument?

Weather instruments are used by scientists world wide to predict the weather. The results will be used in forecasts. Also the current weather conditions, such as temperature could be used to help predict the weather tomorrow.

what's the Beaufort scale Anyway?

The Beaufort Scale is a chart which shows numbers and symbols measuring wind speed. Meteorologists will also use this chart was also designed to measure wind force which they will include in the forecast

Barometers Main Use!

Barometers are used to measure air pressure.

Low air pressure= cloudy, rainy, bad weather

High air pressure= warm, sunny, good weather

Handy Thermometers

A thermometer is one of the most commonly used weather instruments. It is used to measure temperature in both celsius and degrees farenheight. Most US citizens use the most commonly used farenheight.

The Use of a Wind Vane

A wind vane which sometimes is planted on top of a barn or house shows which way the wind is currently blowing. It has a type of arrow pointing in the wind direction.

Weather Balloons Let Loose!

Weather balloons carry special instruments that measure both the temperature along with air pressure and also humidity at different altitudes throughout the atmosphere.

Weather Satellites In the Atmosphere!

Weather satellites send back information about weather, such as storms, fronts, cloud cover, geographical features on earth and lastly ocean temperatures. Each satellite is provided with a light and heat sensor, a radio receiver and much more special equipment.

Ever Heard of RAdio Detection And Range?

Radar is short for RAdio Detection And Range. A radar sends radio waves as fast as light, that reflects off all kinds of precipitation inside a cloud and then reflect back to the radar antenna.

A Interesting Snow Stick

A snow stick, most useful in the winter is used to measure the snow fall over a short period of time [one snow fall].

Every Day Computers

Computers can figure out math equations that relate to the movement of fronts, air pressure systems and more. another use computers have involving weather is they help meteorologists create numeral weather models which predicts future weather patterns.

An Anemometer

An anemometers main use is to measure wind speed. It has small cups that catch the wind and then measures how fast the cups move.

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