Read wonder while u can!!!

Freak,ugly,and ailen

Have u ever been called these names?! August has!! Read wonder to find more names that he have been called. Can u even believe how he deals with these names!!! How would u guys felt if u were called that name.

Amazing,kind,and awesome

On his first day of school..... What happens? Three words to say good,fine, and ok.

Auggie makes some friends. Summer and jack. Who is jack and summer??????

My very awesome precept!!!! Just because your different doesn't mean u can't be u

Guaranteed to be awesome, fun, and amazing

Character and age level. Also rateing

Main character is august pullman. He has a disfigured face. See how he deals with these things in the story. The age level is 11-50. The rating is 5 stars. Learn more by reading WONDER.