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October 1, 2021

As we enter the third month of the school year, we can definitely sense that we are doing difficult work in difficult times. I want to take this time to recognize and praise our staff for their daily attempts to be their best and do their best. Our efforts are to focus our instructional time, and beyond, to produce improved academic and behavioral outcomes, and also focus on students’ social-emotional well-being, all during a global pandemic. This has never been done before. This school year, our teachers and support staff at Corona Elementary certainly have an increased amount of work, stress, need, and demands. Why do I share this with you? Simply because I know we don’t necessarily see the sacrifices and difficult choices they make for our students on a daily basis. And not to mention that they also have children and the many other responsibilities we have as adults. At your earliest opportunity, I ask that you please take a moment to thank a Corona staff member for everything they are doing, and will do, for our incredible school community.

Dr. Sal Flores


Lead The Way - Safety Today

Corona fundraiser a HUGE success!

We want to thank everyone for their participation in our very first fundraiser in almost two years. And because of your generosity and efforts we raised almost $6000.00 for our PTO!! Attached is a summary of our total sales and cash donations. We also included the names of all the students and families who helped make this happen. Pacific Fundraisers will be here on October 7 at 3:15pm, in our parking lot, to pass out the orders (to adults only). We will also be scheduling the DJ party shortly and post the information on Dojo and send home a permission slip since it will be held after school in the MPR. Students will receive all their other prizes along with their products on October 7. And yes, we will be scheduling a date and time for students (who sold items) to "silly string" the principal. Thank you again for your support! ❤️💪🔥

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Congratulations to our newly elected 2021-23 School Site Council members!

Congratulations to our recently elected representatives...

Parent/Community Member:

  1. Ms. Maricela Hrey
  2. Ms. Candice Wedding

They join our current School Site Council members Ms. Paola Guido (Parent), Ms. Fabiola Muneton (Parent), Ms. Alejandra Martinez (Parent), Ms. Edna Carrillo (Other Staff), Ms. Denise Randall (Teacher), Ms. Terry Willis (Teacher), Ms. Emma Bolivar (Teacher) and Dr. Sal Flores (Principal).

The California Education Code requires the School Site Council (SSC) to develop a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). The SSC must approve the SPSA, recommend it to the local governing board for approval, monitor implementation of the SPSA, and evaluate the results. At least annually, the SSC must revise the SPSA, including proposed expenditures of funds allocated to the school, and recommend it to the local governing board for approval.

Fire Prevention Week is October 3rd-9th

In a fire, mere seconds can mean the difference between a safe escape and a tragedy. Fire safety education isn’t just for school children. Teenagers, adults, and the elderly are also at risk in fires, making it important for every member of the community to take some time every October during Fire Prevention Week to make sure they understand how to stay safe in case of a fire. See below for Family Action Plans in English and Spanish.
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Corona Eagles SOAR to Excellence

Safety—follow school rules and directions given by adults

Organized—have assignments, agendas, and school supplies organized

Accountable—accept responsibility for your actions, learn from mistakes

Respectful—treat others the way you want to be treated, be kind and considerate

Remember to follow the SOAR guidelines in the classroom, restroom, computer lab, library,

office, on the playground and all areas of the campus.


Happy October! The SOAR Store for October has been scheduled. The next SOAR store will be Thursday, October 7th during recess (1st/2nd and lunch). We will have a second one in the month of October on Thursday, October 21st. Ms. Susana will have the door to the Eagles Nest (Room 33) open for students to line up outside the door. Students will be called to shop one at a time. Student can select prizes from the SOAR Store Catalog.
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Corona Eagles Accept the Math Facts Fluency Challenge

It's no secret that successful students know their math facts inside and out. That's why on Eagles on September 20th began the Math Facts Challenge to demonstrate proficiency. The Challenge runs 'til January 14th, 2022.

Here are the components of the Math Facts Challenge:

Classroom/ Independent Practice

-Every Monday a Youtube specific Math Fact Table video to introduce, engage and reinforce learning that table

-In class: Monday through Thursday: Students will have a student practice folder with times tables for 2 minutes plus a self-check answer sheet to check their accuracy

-Homework every night: Spiraling of concept learned by playing engaging, self-selected video games for 5 minutes on specific math times table for the week

-Friday – Timed test with 60 problems in 4 minutes (about 3 seconds per problem)

-Students who need extra support/resources will be given flash card baggies by the office to practice facts

Positive Reinforcement/ PBIS

-Every Monday teachers will post to Dojo the names of students who passed last week’s test to praise them and maintain consistent parent communication

-Every Monday Dr. Flores will recognize the class per grade level with the highest number of students who pass to create a friendly competition

-Every Monday students will receive a star/ sticker on the data tracking chart to validate their progress- visible to whole class as part of data

-Every Monday- Students who passed last week’s test will receive $10 Soar Dollars

Math Facts Fluency Challenge

Eagles Can Earn Their Reading Counts Diploma

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Parents, did you know that Eagles can earn degrees based on their reading? Each book a student reads is eligible for Reading Counts! points. By taking and passing the Reading Counts! quiz for each book, students collect points. The more points a student earns, the closer a student gets to his reading goals as well as several rewards and prizes. Students can earn up to four degrees, including Associate, Bachelors, Masters and the highest, a Doctorate. Medals are awarded at each grade level to the student with the highest quiz points! A trophy is awarded at each grade level for the class with the highest quiz points. If students reach the schoolwide goal of reading 80 million words, students will choose a celebration for the end of the year (Spoiler: one of the options is sumo wrestling against Dr. Flores). You can check how many Reading Counts! points your student's books are by checking Book Expert Online. Students can currently continue their reading online by using the CloudLibrary app to read e-books from the Ontario City Library. Click below to sign up for a library card.

September Reading Counts Report

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Year-to-date Reading Counts Report

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Corona Total Words Read: 1,390,415

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Parent Engagement Academy Comes to Corona

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Congratulations to our Corona Eagles Basketball Champions!

On Saturday, September 18th, our boys and girls basketball teams saw action against teams from Mariposa and Del Norte in the OMSD Basketball Tournament. Our teams finished the day undefeated with boys winning both games and our Lady Eagles notching a win and a tie. Congratulations to both teams which were crowned 2021 champions of the 5th Grade and Under Division. Special shout-out to our coaches Mr. Jerome Smith and Mrs. Jennifer Massey!



Nathan Gonzalez; Jesse Nunez; Ethan Rosales; Anthony Moreno; Rudy Gutierrez; Matthew Tejada; Jayden Jones; Adrian Rincon; Isaiah Leon; Uriah Popper; Andre Hernandez; Ulises Gongora


Emma Hays; Ailany Murillo; Destiny Flores; Kaliyah Harris; Sarah Lopez; Ayelen Perez; Sariah Daniels; Natalie Prado; Zoey Gomez; Isabella Banuelos; Silvery Espinoza

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Eagle Eye On...

This month, we have our Eagle eye on one of Corona's newest additions...

Ms. Gina Mariscal-Ross

Intervention Teacher

Hello Corona Eagles! My name is Mrs. Ross (aka. Mrs. Mariscal-Ross). I grew up most of my life in Glendora, California and attended school in the Charter Oak Unified School District. Right out of high school, I attended Mt. San Antonio College for 3 years, completing all of my undergrad courses. I transferred to The University of La Verne where I completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Theater Arts. I graduated 2 years later with my Masters in Education.

I come from a very large, close-knit family. I am one of 7 children (number 3 from the top). I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers, and two amazing, hard-working parents. Growing up in my large family, I was always encouraged to try my hardest at all that I do. My parents wanted us all to go to college and achieve things bigger and better than they could ever imagine. My siblings and I followed through with many of us taking on careers of service: teachers, firefighter, law enforcement, nursing, and legal work. I know that as we all continue on in our careers, my family remains our biggest support system.

I also have an amazing little family of my own. My hard-working husband works as one of the Lead Campus Safety Officers in OMSD. I have 4 daughters in all. My oldest, Meghan, is a junior in high school. I also have twin girls, Riley and Keira, that are in their freshmen year of high school. Last but not least, is the fireball of the family, Gianna. She is 3 years old and in preschool. As a family, we spend time watching movies, going to soccer games, going to the beach, and just making each other laugh.

I began working at Corona Elementary, back in the summer of 2002. Back then, Corona was a year-round school. I was finishing up my teaching credential and needed a school to work at to complete some of my requirements. Luckily, I was paired with Mrs. Zoque, a 2nd grade teacher at the time. She and I worked closely together all summer long. I learned so much from her and some of her teammates (Mrs. Hutton) and wished that I could work at a school like Corona. The following spring, I was super excited to receive a call to interview at Corona. I was hired the very next day and have been working here ever since. If I could pick two things that keep me coming back year after year, it would be the staff and the families I work with. I can never say enough just how great it is to work with people every day that I also can consider my friends and family.

If I could over one piece of advice, it would be " to enjoy as many moments with your children as possible. Before you know it, they will be off living their own lives."

October Calendar of Events

  • 4 - Fire Prevention Week begins
  • 6 - National Walk & Bike to School Day
  • 6 - GATE Parent Meeting @3pm (Zoom)
  • 6 - SEPAC (Special Education) Parent Meeting @3:45pm (Zoom)
  • 7 - Fundraiser Distribution
  • 7 - SOAR Store open during all recesses
  • 8 - Student of the Month/Eagle Award Presentations
  • 8 - Chat with the Principal @3:30pm (Zoom)
  • 13 - PE Make-Up Day
  • 13 - Outdoor Lunch
  • 13 - SELPAC (English Learner Parent) Meeting @3pm
  • 16 - Boss's Day
  • 18 - School Site Council Meeting @3pm (Zoom)
  • 20 - Parent Engagement Academy Day 1 @8-10am MPR
  • 20 - Outdoor Lunch
  • 21 - SOAR Store open during all recesses
  • 21 - Great California ShakeOut @10:21am
  • 22 - Make-Up Picture Day
  • 23 - Attendance MakeUp Academy @8am-12pm
  • 25-29 - iReady Diagnostic Reading & Math (K-6th)
  • 25-29 - Red Ribbon Week
  • 27 - Parent Engagement Academy Day 2 @8-10am MPR
  • 29 - End of 1st Trimester
  • 31 - Hallow🎃🎃n

October's SEL Theme

SELF-MANAGEMENT: Mindfulness and Stress Management

During the month of October, your child’s SEL instruction will focus on Self-Management skills learning about mindfulness practices and stress management. Stress can affect health, behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Recognizing and developing strategies for managing stress in healthy ways can lead to life-long physical and psychological well-being. This month, students will engage in activities to help them effectively regulate their emotions, control impulses, and manage stress. These activities help build emotional awareness, reflection, and calming skills.

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