Sodus Network Newsletter

Tim Padden and Heather Uetz - December 2015/ January 2016

Sodus Intermediate 5th graders visit Optimax, OptiPro and Harbec

~Mike Consadine

On Wednesday, December 2, 5th graders from Sodus Intermediate School visited Optimax, OptiPro and Harbec to learn about careers in the STEM field. The students had the opportunity to see firsthand the many exciting careers available to them in optics, advanced manufacturing and machining right in their area, close to home. A focus of the trip was to show how these professionals use math and science every day to make products that have a regional and global impact; and the various educational pathways possible to enter this field. Highlights of the trip included the 3-D printers at Harbec, the waterjet cutter at OptiPro, and the variety of machines that make lenses at Optimax. Thank you to Brenda Wren, Christa Sergeant, Lia Cookinham, Tammy Sweeney, Brendan Ruggieri and Mike Consadine for providing this opportunity to our students!

Elementary School- December 11th Conference Day

The Elementary School spent this professional development time learning how to deliver reading assessments consistently from classroom to classroom and grade to grade. Discussion also included how to code running reading records once they have been given to students. Krista Zicari, Celia Bishop, Casey Stiokas, Tiffany Cahoon, and Lynlee Jones led this professional development for their building!

Intermediate and Junior/Senior High School - December 11th Conference Day

Staff had the opportunity to sign up for the professional development of their choice. Brenda Wren, Chris Watson, Keri Frazer, Ben Herendeen, and Anneliese Bopp led professional development on the use of eDoctrina. Rod Encina partnered with Nancy Lopez to teach staff basic Spanish phrases. Scott Hassall engaged staff in professional development that focused on student management strategies. Brian Dastyck, Tim Padden, Dan Titlow, Becky Hibbert, Laurie Winder, and Tierney McKee introduced a number of staff to Google Basics. Also, thirty-two staff members attended professional development on IEP Goal Writing.

Movie Copyright Laws and Compliance - by Jennifer VanKouwenberg

Did you know that schools need to have Public Performance Site Licenses to legally show movies for entertainment? We will be subscribing to 2 movie licensing companies; Movie Licensing USA (covers most major motion picture studios) and Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (covers Twentieth Century Fox).

Interesting facts about The Federal Copyright Act:

*Buying or renting a movie does not give you the right to show it outside of the home, unless the site is properly licensed

*We could be held liable (fines up to $250,000) in situations where movies are being shown without proper licensing (ex. substitute teachers, reward for good behavior, recess, holidays)

*This includes outside organizations using school property (after school programs, scouts)

*Educational exemptions are only acceptable if the movie is an essential part of the required curriculum


News from Kindergarten - WRITING UPDATE

~Carly Smith

The kids in both Smith/Gulino and Burlee/Buys have completed the first two units of study from Lucy Calkins! Unit One was Launching the Writing Workshop and Unit Two was Writing for Readers, which was all about writing so it's easier for a reader to read their stories. We have noticed that our kids are not only writing much stronger stories than ever before, they LOVE it! I've never had kids actually cheer when it's writing time! The next unit we move on to is How-To Books: Writing to Teach!

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Sodus Intermediate Reptile Club

~Karen Rawden

The Sodus Intermediate Reptile Club, advised by Mr. Eric Graves, had the unique opportunity to video conference this afternoon with MOTE Marine Laboratory in Sarasota Florida.

In this video-conference, Mote Marine Laboratory presented a media-rich video-conference on sea turtles.

Topics presented include:
• Reptile characteristics game
• Nesting behavior and turtle hatchling survival
• Unique turtle adaptations
• Role of sea turtles in the ecosystem
• Sea turtles species game
• Walk through of Mote's sea turtle hospital
• Threats to sea turtles and sea turtle conservation
• Questions and Answers

Our students participated in a lively gameshow which revealed why sea turtles are truly amazing reptiles. We discovered what a hatchling needs to survive in the open ocean and then took a tour of the MOTE sea turtle exhibit.

Students learned about general reptile characteristics and the different species of sea turtles. Students also learned where sea turtles live and nest and their basic adaptations to marine life.

Finally our students learned why sea turtles are threatened and what conservation measures are being taken to protect them. Thank you to Karen Rawden and Eric Graves for providing this opportunity to students!

Updates from the Curriculum Council

  • We have been working on developing the application and rubric that will be used to request technology for the 2016/2017 school year. The application will be shared with staff in February/March.
  • The 30 hour curriculum request application will be available to staff in February/March. This application will be used to request up to 30 hours of paid curriculum development time. Team leaders and department chairpersons have had the opportunity to provide input and make suggestions to the application and the process.
  • A summer professional development schedule will be available to staff in April.
  • Upcoming Curriculum Council Meeting Dates: March 10th and May 4th (3:30-5:00).

Updates from PBIS

~Wendy Finn

District Wide

District wide many things have been happening. The Jr.-Sr. High School has remained their PBIS efforts “Spartan Pride”. We hope that all buildings can embrace this theme. The thought is that PBIS is an acronym that needs to be explained, but having pride is something that people can automatically relate to.

Each building had a food drive that generated literally a bus load of food. Almost 1500 items were donated! This was the most food donated by the school, at least in recent memory. The IS tied their giving to the “Grinch” theme. The collected cans to grow the Grinch’s heart three times larger in size. These donations will go to 150 local families which include 618 individuals. What a way so show kindness to others and instill Spartan Pride!

The ES & HS joined in an initiative on Dec. 17th, the HS student in-service day. The week before, students in grades K & 1 wrote letters to Santa. On in-service day, eighty students took those letters and wrote back to the ES students. We can’t wait to hear feedback on how the letters from Santa were received by the ES students! The HS students loved reading the letters and replying. (The HS students were provided sample sentences to write, but some went off script. The letters were screened to make sure no promises of a puppy or other items were made!) After all the Santa reply letters were written, they wrote cards to the people in the VA Hospital or nursing homes. Then, the eighty HS students and their chaperones went to 2nd & 3rd grade classrooms to help those students make cards that will also be sent to the hospital and nursing homes. All the students involved really enjoyed themselves.

District wide attendance is being looked at. Each building is holding attendance meetings where they review and analyzing data. Attendance practices in all buildings are being collected compiled. The HS & IS school will be sending good news post cards home for students whose attendance has improved this year. The ES will establish baseline classroom attendance data in January and would like to provide some recognition for increased attendance. The details on this have yet to be worked out.

The IS identified activity/lunch time as a period when students could benefit from more structured activities. In January we will begin having speakers come in and talk about their careers. Additionally, Cornell Cooperative Extension will be at school on Mondays during Jan. & Feb. to talk about various topics relating to food and exercise.

Spartan Pride Team

~Ben Cobbett

The Junior Senior High School Spartan Pride Team has been busy throughout the fall season. December 4th marked the conclusion of our Kindness Tree initiative involving students and teachers alike identifying the acts of kindness that frequently go unnoticed throughout our daily lives. (See attached photo for our building's participation.) Students and staff also took part in donating goods for the districtwide food drive that concluded December 11th. Students were encouraged to participate and were entered into a raffle when they made a donation.

On December 23rd, eligible students will take part in our Cocoa for the Holidays gathering, where students will enjoy cocoa, holiday music, treats, and more. There are also several ongoing grade-level initiatives encouraging students to increase academic performance that will conclude at the end of the second quarter. Our team is also in the process of developing language for new signs that will be posted throughout the building promoting positive behaviors and conduct. Be on the lookout for these!

Dates to Remember...

  • Technology Committee Meetings: February 4 and April 28 (3:30-4:40)
  • Upcoming Curriculum Council Meetings: March 10th and May 4th (3:30-5:00).