Technology In World War 1

Genius Day Project - Maddie Redmond

Guns - Machine guns

Before World War 1 the most popular rapid fire gun was the Gatling gun. It resembled a canon and weighed about as much.

The Vickers gun was produced by the British with mobility in mind. It was a heavy-calibre machine gun. It required a minimum of six men to operate.

The American invented Lewis gun was the Vickers lighter but less trustworthy offspring.


Fighting at night was made easier with tracer bullets.

They had a flammable white-green tail to make it possible to shoot at night.

The flammable agent could also ignite hydrogen which was good for "balloon busting."

Air Support and Warfare

The first planes were primitive, being used for reconnaissance.

Early spotters were unarmed but soon began using pistols.

Soon they were built for dropping bombs and being used to shoot down other planes. A German invention put machine guns behind the propeller for the pilot to operate.

Germany led a design to zeppelins as bombing raids.

Air superiority was a significant factor to the second half of the war.

Pilot-less Drones

In 1916 the original pilot-less drone was designed as an unmanned aerial bomb.

It was directed with gyroscopes and a barometer.


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