Español 1411

Las Noticias --11 de marzo de 2015



The exam for chapter 2 is actually open today! You may go ahead and get started but be sure that the TB/LM/WB assignments have been completed first! Many have not even begun the LM/WB or ESAM activities! ¿Qué pasó? Don't forget!

¿Qué hacemos? -What are we doing?

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Below is what's outlined in the syllabus for Chapter 2! Please adhere to the due dates! Many received feedback from Step 2 of the Project. If you emailed me and have not received feedback, it's coming! Please continue to keep an eye on the syllabus page 2!
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Are you completing the self tests? These are the iLrn Pre and Post Tests that are required. Be sure to complete them in the order mentioned above!