By: Danielle Costanzo / Hannah Sung

Alaskan Landscape

Alaska has a Variety of climate zones, most of Alaska is very cold. There are extremes of temperature, precipitation ,and sunlight that effect the temperature and the lives of Alaskans. There are many rivers such as the Yukon River that are frozen over. There are also many mountain ranges in Alaska such as the Alaska and Kuskokwim mountains.

Alaskan Natives and Culture

Alaska's indigenous people such as the Eskimo, Aleut ,and American Indians make up one seventh of Alaska's population. Most of the Native Alaskans live in or are from Greenland, Canada, and the Northern U.S. In the winter they live in houses made out of ice and snow called igloos. They are known for their carved and polished woodworks, especially their decorated totem poles.


The Iditarod is an annual dogsled race that happens every first Saturday in march. 100 people and their dogs compete in the race every year. The race lasts roughly 1,155 miles. When the race first started it was only 25 miles long. The trail used to be used to transport medicine during a diphtheria epidemic. It was also The site of the last great gold rush in America.

Sleds , sled dogs, and mushers

There are 12-16 dogs. Prior to the race all the dogs are in harnesses and attached to the sled. Susan Butcher and her dog competed in her first dog race and finished in 19th place. Susan competed every year finishing in second for two years in a row. She holds the record for becoming the first person to win the Iditarod for three years in a row.