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Winter 2016-2017 Newsletter

Hello Athletes!

Lots of info to share with everyone! Upcoming 12th State community events, our newest coach Whitney Gelin, Nov/Dec movement of the month, Supper Club, Holiday Party, Adapt & Conquer Seminar, WODbody @ 12th State dates, Holiday Food Drive and our latest Athlete Spotlight!!

WODbody AT 12th STATE - December 7th! Starting in January, Vince will be at 12th State the 1st & 3rd Wednesday's of the month.

Athlete Spotlight - Scott Wallace

“Are you sure you want to interview me? I mean, there’s probably more interesting people. Have you seen the gains that —— or —— has been making?”

That pretty much sums up Scott. Always deflective of attention… humble… downplaying his own successes. But… after receiving no less than 5 unsolicited nominations from coaches and athletes alike, it was time to sit down with Scott and get to know him a little better.

Scott is an original founder of 12th State CrossFit, and has been a faithful member of the 9:30 AM class for most of that time period. Scott can be found in the gym early focusing on stretching and mobility before class, which he realizes has helped him immensely. He trains on average 3-4 times per week, and usually does the extra core work and ROM wod after. Scott openly admits that he likes the “grinders,” workouts that are long and hard, and test you mentally. “I know what I want to achieve,” Scott says, and that is evident in his steady improvement in strength, body composition, and overall fitness since he became an athlete at 12th State.

Scott is originally from New Orleans and is one of 10 children. He is the 3rd to youngest, and has a twin sister. He moved to Raleigh in 2005 to attend PA school at Duke University. He originally began working in the field of Orthopedics, and later transitioned to emergency care. He works throughout the triangle, helping to staff several of WakeMed’s emergency departments. In addition to CrossFit, Scott is an avid mountain biker and can often be found riding the trails at Umstead Park.

As for his 9:30 crew, Scott says one of his favorite things is working out with others. “I like seeing everyone else make gains.” He also says that he really enjoys the feeling of working together, knowing that he pushed himself to do that little extra that he might not have done on his own. He also notes that one of his biggest improvements has been mental - knowing that he can get through that unhappy place in a workout, continue momentum, and finish. “I know now that it’s not going to last forever.”

Switching to a paleo diet has made a “huge difference” in Scott’s workouts. He reports that he has lost about 20 lbs since starting, and attributes much of that to his dietary changes. He does admit that shift work at the hospital makes it difficult, but that prepping meals in advance for the week is key. As many do, Scott had some initial fatigue for a few weeks when starting paleo, but says that he is now doing well and feels more energized.

Scott offers this advice to new members… Don’t look at what anyone else is doing, and just stay within yourself and do what’s best for you. Scott also says that his rest days are very important, and typically leaves a day in between his workouts for his body to recover. He knows that longevity is key, and treating his body well with rest, recovery, and stretching is very important.

Scott’s positive attitude, persistence, and determination have not gone unnoticed and we are so glad to have him at 12th State. Thanks Scott!
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12th State Holiday Food Drive

In conjunction with the Salvation Army of Wake County, we will be collecting non-perishable food items in the lobby December 1st-5th. Needed items include, canned fruit, vegetables, meats and soups. Dry goods such as rice, cereal, pasta, crackers and powdered milk. Thank you!

12th State Kids Update: There will be no 12th State kids classes in December - be on the lookout for a revamped program and dates in 2017!