Sweetwater Junior High School

February Newsletter

SJHS Strives To Be Peanut Free.

Please be considerate of those who may be allergic to nuts when packing snacks and lunches for your child.

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Important Announcements:

  • Awesome announcement: As of 1/24/23 we had only 10.5% of our kids either severely or chronically absent! This is an incredible achievement! Keep getting those kiddos to school. We are so proud of them and want to keep it up!
  • Please check out the new website! We have our student-produced daily news posted there so you can be in the know of all things happening at SJHS.
  • Yearbooks are available for preorder online at www.balfour.com and by sending in checks or exact cash to Mr. Hayes at SJHS. Yearbooks cost $35, and we have a limited supply. Hurry, don't wait!

  • Parent Ad Space for 8th Graders can still be purchased on www.balfour.com as well. The deadline for this is February 25, 2023. Space is limited, so don't delay!

Important Dates
  • Feb. 7- Volleyball Season Starts! (Full Schedule Below)

  • Feb. 7- Girls Audition for High School Musical 2

  • Feb. 8- Boys Audition for High School Musical 2

  • Feb. 10 Progress Reports Go Home.

  • Feb. 17th- NO SCHOOL (PD day)

  • Feb. 20th- NO SCHOOL

  • Feb. 13th-16th- Kindness Week— Dress up days are listed in the Counselor's Corner section.

  • Feb. 23- Cheer Tryout Parent Meeting (5 PM at SJHS)

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Counselor's Corner With Mrs. T. Hickey

If you feel your student is needing extra support at school or you have any questions about services offered to our students, feel free to reach out to me anytime- Tiffany.Hickey@scstn.net.

SJHS Spring Musical

Get excited! SJHS's production of High School Musical 2 will be underway soon!

Auditions will be after school on the following dates:

  • Feb. 7- Girls
  • Feb. 8- Boys

For more information, please reach out to Mrs. Williams at janet.ramsey@scstn.net.

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STEAM Family night will be held on March 7, 2023. There will be activities related to science. technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Lots of fun for all ages! Come visit SJHS to learn about the innovative ways we are helping your children succeed in our technological world while preparing them for 21st century careers.

STEAM – Technology (Computer Science) and Engineering Design

Coding and Computer Programming (CCP)

CCP.20. Compare different algorithms that may be used to solve the same problem in terms of their speed, clarity, and size.

Seventh grade students will work on coding activities. They will use the Sphero Bolt robot, to code the Sphero Bolt to run through a community that they have designed and park in a garage or parking lot.

MS-ETS1-2 Evaluate competing design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well thy meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.

Eighth grade students will build a Rube Goldberg machine that moves a load across a distance without causing harm. Imagine, plan, and create a unique design.

ESL With Mrs. Morris

Parents of ESL Students:

Students who have English as a Second Language (Spanish and other foreign language speakers) will be taking the ACCESS test, which is the once a year, federally mandated exam which measures each student's progress in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing in the English language. The testing window opens February 13, and we hope to be finished by March 24, before Spring Break begins. If a student scores high enough, this is also an opportunity to be exited from ESL services. Please encourage your children to get a good night's rest, eat breakfast, and genuinely focus on doing an awesome job on all 4 tests.

Thanks Much!

Lisa Morris-ESL-SJH

Padres de estudiantes ESL

Los estudiantes que hablan inglés como segundo idioma (hablantes de español y otros idiomas extranjeros) tomarán el examen ACCESS, que es el examen obligatorio federal que se realiza una vez al año y mide el progreso de cada estudiante en lectura, comprensión auditiva, expresión oral y escritura en inglés. idioma. La ventana de prueba se abre el 13 de febrero y esperamos terminar el 24 de marzo, antes de que comiencen las vacaciones de primavera. Si un estudiante obtiene una puntuación lo suficientemente alta, esta también es una oportunidad para salir de los servicios de ESL. Anime a sus hijos a descansar bien por la noche, desayunar y concentrarse genuinamente en hacer un trabajo excelente en las 4 pruebas.

¡Muchas gracias!

Lisa Morris-ESL-SJH

7th Grade News





8th Grade News





  • Mr. Gross's Class: We will be looking at the presidency of Andrew Jackson and the idea of Manifest Destiny as America spread westward. Some of the major events we will examine are the Trail of Tears, Missouri Compromise, Texas Independence and the Mexican War, and the California gold rush. We will be using a series of video lessons to see how each of these events is still relevant to us today.
  • Mr. Hayes Class: We will be focusing on the events, policies, and compromises concerning divisive elements that had increasing impact on the nation due to westward expansion in the 1800s.
  • Standards: https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/education/standards/ss/Social_Studies_Standards.pdf

2022-2023 Baskeball News

This year has been one for the record books! Our Lady Cats went 15-5 in the regular season, coming out at #1 in the district. However, they were not able to place in the district tournament and thus did not move on to sectionals. Our Jr. Cats had a very impressive UNDEFEATED regular season! They worked their way through the district tournament and eventually came out second in the district but they will be moving on to sectional tournaments! We are so proud of the work that both groups of athletes have put in this season.

Thank you to Coaches D, Holly, Bowden, Allen, and Hicks for devoting your time to these girls and boys and their success. We are already looking forward to the 2023-2024 season!

We also want to say a big thank you to our cheerleaders who have worked tirelessly to support our Cats at each and every game this season. Not only have they been at every game, but they have also supported our cats by leading pep rallies. We are so proud and thankful to you girls!

2022-2023 Basketball Rosters


  • Front Row (left to right): Britton Isbill, Emory Woodruff, Chesney Isbill, Renee Sanders, Mariah Toto, Brisa Franco, Rylee Farrell
  • Back Row (left to right): Coach Holly, McKinley Moore, Grace Collier, Chloe Harrison, Lily Woodruff, Baylee Bohrer, Anastasia Bishop, Annie Miller


  • Front Row (left to right): Brayden Dowell, Micah Upton, Easton Watkins, Jett Ingram
  • Middle Row (left to right): Koby McCosh, Bryson Burgess, Malik Johnson, Will Watson, Ashton Johnkins, Landon Dacus, Bryson Bonnough, Tyler Stamey
  • Back Row (left to right): Coach Bowden, Coach Hicks, Danny Contreras, Hunter Daffron, Nolan Dacus, Will Bowman, Isaiah Stiles, Kolt Correll, Corbin Nile, Si McCosh, Coach Allen


  • Front Row (left to right): Kennedi Johnson, Presley Carver, Andrea Jones, Adriana Morales, Lexan Cannon, Sarah Hutchison
  • Back Row (left to right): Coach C. Hickey, Elin Shamblin, Kamyah McBee, Taylor Rucker, Katie Bowman, Olivia Bowers, Mackenzie Walker
  • Not Pictured: Gracie Cansler