Tardy Monday Memo w Action Items

Weekly Campus and Principal Update

Greetings and MIssing You!

I have been off campus with training this week, and I so appreciate your sharing pictures and messages with me about the happenings of our school. A few items needing your attention, please:

1. United Way forms are due. All staff members will return the form to me in Teresa's absence regardless of your level of giving. I have 13 forms at this time. Please make every effort to return them to me by Thursday this week.

2. Teresa will be submitting Club Forms upon her return. If you have not returned the form, please do so by early Monday morning.

3. Gym Supervision ~ calling all volunteers! We are in need of adult supervision before and after school for our learners' gym use. Please email me Cathy Gaschen your available day and time if you are able to support our learners in their wellness.

4. Staff Meetings: I will be emailing you one additional staff meeting date per month to reserve for our time together. Please add next Wednesday, 9/24, at 8:30 for a staff meeting. We will have an instructional focus for each of the additional staff meetings ~ there is a strong need for us to meet more regularly as a growing campus.

5. Titan eNews: I will be sending out the eNews each Wednesday (tomorrow) and am requesting that you email me by noon tomorrow of any announcements you need to share, even if your announcement is for a targeted group such as a grade level set of parents.

6. Appraisal/Observations: Beginning next week, Cathy and I will be observing both formally for PDAS purposes and more informally in learning walks to help guide our campus improvement. One area of focus for learning walks will be assessment. For formal observations and walk-throughs, you will receive feedback in Eduphoria. For learning walks, you will receive feedback in writing through email or other means of written communication. We are here to partner with you and provide coaching. It is exciting when you ask us to observe and give feedback on a particular focus area you determine as well.

7. Team Support: We are deep enough into the school year that the bloom has fallen off the rose...our best laid plans have been challenged, and our learners' true colors and work habits are shining through! Rest assured we welcome opportunities to join your team planning and conversations. While we won't be available during your Friday Titan Time additional planning this year, we look forward to joining you at other planning times.