iPhoto: Webjournal

Web journal

Have you ever created a web journal? A web journal is an added part of iPhoto that allows you to create a story board that could either be non-fiction or fiction based. It's a fun way to document photos, dates, notes and more or for students to use to complete a project to share with the rest of the class to show what they have learned after a unit or lesson. The possibilities are endless!

The Challenge:

Create a web journal that describes "A Day in the Life of _____ (Your name)"

Your final web journal should have a total of at least 10 widgets. You can duplicate any widgets you wish but you must include these widgets: Calendar, Map, Photo, Weather & Food.


Open iPhoto app

Tap + at the bottom

Tap web journal

Tap the title box at the top that is labeled "My Web Journal"

Enter a new title

Tap + at the top to add widgets

ex: Map

tap image of map in journal

tap place pin

enter address

For each widget you will either tap in text, insert a photo or change the settings of the widget (weather, map, etc.)

To delete any widgets simply tap the widget in the journal and tap the trash can

Once you have finished adding your widgets

Tap ... a the top

Choose background and other settings listed

Take a screenshot of your completed web journal (press home button and on/off button simultaneously on iPad)

How do I get credit?

Email April and Johnathan the screenshot of your iPhoto web journal.