Halal Rations

The Numerous Advantages Of Halal Rations

The Meal, Ready-to-Eat, or what is more commonly known as the MRE is prepackaged and rationed meals that are given by the US military to their servicemen who are out in the field, especially those who may not have access to food facilities. The MRE has undergone many changes and developments over the years and what started out as regular rations has evolved to include certain dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, kosher, and halal rations. MREs provide at least 1,200 calories and contain a variety of foods and drinks that can be stored and eaten by the troops while on the go.

MREs are designed to withstand rough conditions and all kinds of natural elements. This is because they are not just used for the troops, but also for relief efforts. Because of this, they need to packaged in very lightweight but strong materials.

As to contents, there are various options including a basic entree, a side dish, dessert, beverages, and even seasoning. K rations were never this good. You can get snacks like crackers or bread, sweets and candy. Each meal can be heated or left at room temperature. It is a matter of preference. In the package are all the utensils used need, matches, and napkins. It is obviously a very comprehensive and complete item.

A typical MRE will hold several courses including an entree, a side dish, and dessert. Some have snacks like crackers and cheese or candy. Seasoning is an added plus. Matches accompany the food to ignite a flameless ration heater so you can opt for a hot meal if you want. The food can also be eaten at room temperature or cold. Utensils are not left out nor are napkins in this complete and comprehensive kit.

Dietary laws exist for many religions. In Islamic law, it is referred to as halal and it applies to food, meat products, drugs, cosmetics, and more. The rules are stringent. Only certain ingredients are permissible according to scriptures.

One of the most stringent rules of Islam pertains to the slaughtering of animals. Muslims can enjoy meat if the animal is treated with respect and caring. You can be sure this has been done if the package has the requisite picture and/or labeling. The Qu'ran is very clear about the preparation of meat for consumption as denoted by the term dhabiha.

In order to keep the pain at the bare minimum, it's essential that a very sharp knife is used to make a deep cut across the front of the throat, carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins. At the time of slaughter, the animal must be alive and well, and its head must be facing the sacred building at Mecca. At the same time, a prayer is uttered to offer the slaughter to Allah.

If no halal food is available, it is a problem for Muslims and every effort should be made to provide these special Halal meals ready to eat. If it is a matter of survival, they will have to violate their traditions. Having the required meal is a bonus for soldiers in middle eastern countries, allowing them to carry out both their civic and religious obligations.

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