Biography By: Jennifer S


Lionel Messi was born on July 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. He was born with an illness that made him shorter than most people. His family did not have the money for the treatment. FC Barcelona offered to pay as long as he became part of the team. He was a member of the team at the age of 13. Messi has played soccer since a very young age. He played in Newell's Old Boys team, which is one the best in Argentina. Messi was such an amazing player the in May 2005, Messi scored a goal for FC Barcelona. He also helped the Argentinean win the U-20 world cup, this is a cup for players that are less than 20 years of age. Messi was named the best player in the cup.


Lionel Messi is in striker position. He moves very fast, that his teammates call him "The Flea". He is pretty fast, and it is very hard to take the ball from him. His legacy is that he is one of the best soccer players in the world. Lionel was also awarded FIFA world player of the year. Messi was already a teen superstar of Argentina when he was 18 in 2005.

Impact on Society

Lionel Messi formed a Leo Messi Foundation that gives disadvantaged youths opportunities. In 2010, UNICEF named him goodwill ambassador. He fought for children rights all over the globe.


Lionel Messi is a father. Messi became a daddy November 12, 2012. Antonella gave birth to a baby boy, Thiago. Messi has said that his fatherhood changed his outlook on life. Thiago is the most important thing in the world for him. Thiago was born in Dexeus Hospital. Messi is also going to be father for the second time.

Interesting Facts

  • Lionel Messi's full name is Luis Lionel Andres Messi
  • He became a member of FC Barcelona at the age of 13
  • He scored his first goal for FC Barcelona when he was 17
  • Messi played for the Newell's Old Boys team

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