Blizard Bag's

What A Blizzard Bag Is:

A blizzard bag is used when a snow day occurs. When this happens, teachers send out e-mails including work for their students to do. At that point, students will complete the work they recieve and teachers will be available online for 4 hours to help with any questions their students may have about the assignment. If 80% or more students complete the blizzard bags for each class, the snow day doesn't need to be added to the end of the year, and it counts as a normal school day.

If you fail to complete the Blizzard Bag...

If you don't do your blizzard bag, then you're counted as being absent for the school day. You're at that point unable to get that absent excused.

Amount of Time

You have a total of 48 hours to complete the blizzard bag assignment. This is a good amount of time because if your internet is down, the next day at school you'll have the opportunity to still complete it without being marked as absent.