Pre-Sports for Girls

By: Reyna Chavez 3rd Period

Definition for Pre-Sports

Is a preparation to be in Athletics the next year and know how to play and be ready to play for when the real game comes up in 7th Grade!

Your must Conduct Grade

If your in Pre-Sports you must always have to an E conduct which is the same thing as having a 90-100 all the time!

Always Participate

More information of pre-sports!

More steps

• don't were jewlery while running or setting the volleyball over the net

• always do what the coach asks you to do right away or else you will have to run around the gym for 10 minutes with our stopping or even sometimes they make you do other tough things while your running

• don't eat or drink in the locker rooms or anywhere

•( NEVER ) share or give your combination lock to others

• your not going to be able to go to the restroom in the locker rooms, because you should have time before and after pre-sports

•always listen and remember the thins or steps you must know to be in volleyball in 7th grade

• you will have to dress out ( change into your gym clothes ) from days Monday- Thursday, because on Friday's you'll have health day ( where you learn what to do to be healthy like eating fruits,veggies, and water