Weekly Update

April 20-24

The Elton Gregory staff miss all of our students.

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Chromebook Access

Chromebooks are still available to be picked up this week from Redmond High School. If you were not able to make it last week to the pick-up or if you decided a chromebook for your student would be helpful please come to RHS Monday through Friday from 9-11 or 12:30-2:30 to pick one up. If you have any questions regarding chromebook access please feel free to email our Dean of Students Troy Capps at troy.capps@redmondschools.org.

Our wonderful FAN advocates are still available during the school closure

If your family is in need of FAN services or you have questions about the types of services FAN provides, please feel free to contact one of our school counselors.

Counselor for Students with Last Name A-K - Peter Hower, peter.hower@redmondschools.org

Counselor for Students with Last Name L-Z - Elizabeth Platt, elizabeth.platt@redmondschools.org

Navigating EngageRedmond Website to get to Lesson Plans

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Tips to Support Distance Learning at Home

Advice from Superintendent McIntosh on Learning at Home

Superintendent Mike McIntosh offered the following advice in his email to families on Friday April 17th.

  • Give yourself grace...start slow and celebrate small successes.

  • Work in partnership with your child’s teachers and school staff to co-facilitate learning.

  • In weekly connection with teachers, share successes and challenges you are experiencing so they can work with you to make at-home learning successful.

  • Create a productive learning environment and consistent “school” routines at home that include breaks for play, movement, and time outside.

Structure and Routines are Important

We have all experienced so much change over the last 5 weeks and that change has looked different in many of our homes. As we think about our children we know they can thrive when they know what to expect. So, within the change that we have experienced it is important to think about the things that we can control and where routines and structures are helpful. We would like to share some ideas that may help distance learning for your family.

If you are interested in reading a little more about the role of routine and structure, please click on this link to a resource available on the Parents Resources page of the EngageRedmond site.

Example Schedule for your Student's Day

Here is an example of a schedule that you might consider for keeping your student's learning on track. You may also find this schedule as a helpful starting place for determining what schedule will work best for your family. Please feel free to make adjustments necessary to fit your family's needs. Your student might also prefer to do their classes in a different order starting with elective classes to get their blood pumping and creativity flowing earlier in the day.
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Agendas help with organizing tasks

A great tool to help organize a student's classwork and assignments are agendas. Here is a link to the agenda that we use during the school year. No need to have a printer. A student could copy this format onto a sheet of notebook paper to keep track of their assignments and learning for the week.

Link to EGMS Agenda Template

Additional Tips for Supporting your Student at Home

There are different strategies that teachers use to support student learning in the classroom. We wanted to share a few additional ideas with you in case they may be helpful at home as well.

  • Set a timer for work time for your student. A few places you may have a timer that you could use are microwaves, cell phones, and alarm clocks.
  • Explain your expectations ahead of time. Sometimes it is difficult for children to know how to act or behave in new situations, so it is helpful for us to remind them what we expect.
  • Whisper to get your children's attention. Yelling only adds to the noise and the chaos and the teacher’s voice blends in. But, when a teacher whispers, students stop talking so they can hear what she’s saying.

Check out this link to other strategies to manage student learning at home.