What's easy, tasty and has lots of health benefits?


Have you ever wondered why choices of yoghurt are skyrocketing in the market these days compared to 20 years ago? Scientific research on live and active culture yoghurt continues to command the interest of scientists around the world.

And just what are the health benefits of yoghurt? You'll be PLEASANTLY SURPRISED at just how many benefits there are in eating yoghurt regularly.

Check out what the expert had to say:


Remember: The PRECIOUS GEM in yoghurt is its LIVE CULTURES! Eat fresh homemade yoghurt for maximum benefits.

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With the refreshed range from Hansells, there is one suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of eating yoghurt daily.

All Hansells yoghurt mix
  • comes with 4 active, live cultures, including acidophilus & bifidus
  • has no artificial colours or preservatives

  • stimulates growth & activity of beneficial micro-organisms

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