Cool Cat News

Principal Brief

December 7-11

Wylie Way Christmas- Gifts are due back to Holly on 12/10. If your team needs assistance covering the items on the tag, please let Holly know. We have community members willing to help.

Band Concert at 1:30 in GYM on 12/11- This will be a regular scheduled day (not a revised schedule assembly day) Third and fourth grade teachers- please do not send backpacks with students to the band concert. You will pick them up from the GYM at 2:15 and dismiss your students at 2:30 from the classroom.

Class Holiday Parties- Chase Oaks will be providing water bottles, icing, Popsicle sticks, cookies and napkins for each class to make cookies. Prekindergarten parties will be 9:30am & 1:45pm on 12/17 and K-4 parties will be on 12/18 at 11:30.

Be Thinking.. We have some special days coming!

Dec. 10- Pirate Christmas Musical @ 9:00am and 7:00pm - Students and staff may participate by wearing their pirate costumes. You can add Christmas accessories for that extra flair!

December 16- James and the Giant Peach Day! Students will be watching the movie in the cafeteria from 8:30-10:10. This will give you some extra planning time. The team that has the best costume will be provided lunch by me. The lady bug, earthworm, grasshopper, spider, caterpillar, giant peach and James are a few of the main characters. Students are welcome to dress up as well. We will have a costume contest for kids.

December 17- Staff and students may wear pajamas. Several teachers are planning to read The Polar Express to their students that day. We will be showing the movie in the cafeteria during lunch.

December 18- 8:30-10:10 Holiday Sing Along with a production of The Night Before Christmas by CAMP team, admin & special staff. Extra planning for teachers! Teachers are encouraged to dress like an elf or wear Christmas accessories. Students will be served a sack lunch. K-1 students lunch is at 10:30-10:55, 2-4 students lunch is at 11:00-11:25. Duty free lunch for teachers- we will monitor kids in the cafeteria. Parties will begin at 11:30. Early dismissal at 12:30.

Lesson Plans- Please have them in by 10:00pm on Sunday. If you use a team planner, please copy and paste plans to your planner.

School Alarm- The Hartman Security Alarm has gone off several Saturdays in a row. The police come out, maintenance comes, and I come as well. Please come in through the front, sign in/sign out on the wipe off board, use key pad with the new school code (see Rita if you do not have it) when you enter/leave. Please always enter/leave through the front. Use your swipe card keys. Thanks for your help with this!

Upcoming Dates:

December 7-11- Holiday Store- Art Room- PTA will have a sign up sheet-

December 7- GT District Showcase- Cafeteria

December 11- WEHS Band Concert- 1:30

December 14- McDonald's Night 5-8pm

December 16- James and the Giant Peach Day

December 17- Wear pajamas/ Pre-k parties

December 18- Holiday Sing Along- 8:30am- K-4 parties 11:30; Early Release 12:30 - Dress like an elf! You may leave after your students are dismissed. Merry Christmas!