Improvement of Race Relations

Kyle Drapp

150 Years of Racism

For 150 years racism has existed. Blacks and Whites have been in a feud. The reason for this dislike goes all the way back to the 1800's. During the 1800's America, England, and Africa started something called the triangular trade. The triangular trade was a system of trading. England supplied guns to Africa, Africa supplied slaves to America, and America supplied crops and other goods to England. This trading system lasted for many years, and in some ways it never ended.

Racism Today

Does Racism Still Exist

Yes. Racism does still exist. Many people still think that Whites are better than Blacks. When that's not true. Blacks and Whites are equal in all ways. There are many examples of racism in current times. Police officers have been known to be more lenient towards Whites and more attentive and rude around Blacks. Then theirs our children, we try to teach them to believe in equality but does it always work. Many children pick on or make fun of Blacks just because the look different or because they don't understand them. So you ask, "Does Slavery Still Exist" the answer sadly is yes.

How can we Improve

We can improve by exposing our kids to other races. We need to teach them to except people of different races. People who are of different races are exactly the same as us. I think that there should be a museum to show how Blacks have been treated over the years. The museum will be located in Virginia in the city that the Confederate States called the capital. It should be there to show that even at the heart of racism in America, can people except equality. Their should also be some sort of memorial to the 150 years of racism/slavery. It could be anything from a statue to a special day to remember them. Racism is a major issue in today's life and I think that someone should do something to stop it. Perhaps you.
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