How to help By: Chandler Baxter and Joey England


By definition it is the state of being extremely poor. Is that all poverty is though? In my opinion it is a little more than that, it's the state of worrying about your own well being, worry of not being able to feed your kids. But how do we, as normal american help these people?

Helping these people simple or not so simple?

Many different techniques have been used to try to stop it, the $1.19 a day ads, the donate a dollar now help the children of the future. But how much does this really help the 1 in 5 children in poverty or the parents of these children. This is one of the hardest questions to answer because honestly there isn't a straight forward answer. But we believe that there is a simple yet effective solution, it doesn't involve spending money everyday or even much money at all. The people that are most affected by poverty are the one's living through it. So if they are the one's that need the most help why not let them help themselves. Build a community around the poorest part of a city that lets them try to get their lives back together. Not just give them money make them earn it because that is the number one way to make someone keep the money that they worked for. After they are working and getting money then they realize that they can bring themselves out of poverty. This isn't going to work for everyone but it can help the people that are choosing to be in poverty.

Single Moms

Around 40% of single parents on welfare are single moms. But is there a way to help them? We say yes you can. You never know what waitress is a single mom barely living so leave a little extra on the tip. If you know someone who is struggling offer to buy them dinner even the simplest meal can help. You don't have to give your life savings away just a little nudge to keep trying and keep going can help tremendously. Welfare is something that helps single parents, giving them money to feed their children and pay rent. Welfare does help in that aspect but where is doesn't help is getting them jobs to get out of welfare or giving them a scholarship to go back to school for a better job. So in the long run welfare is keeping the singles moms poor and not helping in the long run.
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21% of children live in poverty in the U.S. today. These children of course aren't choosing to be poor but are simply born in the wrong home. 1.6 million children are homeless in the U.S. thats 1.6 million kids who don't have the chance to get home from school to a warm bed after a cold winter day. But how do you help the kids that don't have homes? Well it's not as simple as the others. Some would say they are better off in foster care but with the nations current foster system that isn't the best current option. Others would say make education cheaper so they have a chance to escape the world they live in and make a life for themselves. But I think it's a little easier than that, what these children want most is to be happy and for their parents to be happy. So as said earlier in the Single Mom's section it's all about helping the parents in anyway possible. If parents get a job and get money they will always choose to feed their children over themselves.
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In our opinion this is the hardest group to help. You can't base it on single moms or kids now it's about race. The largest group that is in poverty is African Americans at 27.4% Hispanics are next at 26.6%. There is reasons to why they are but there's nothing you can do to solve them. Immigration doesn't help much as more and more keep coming and causing the poverty rate to increase. Is there a simple way to stop the poverty rate from increasing while allowing more people to come into the country. We are going to take this to a much bigger scale. This isn't going to be easy but we believe it is the only way to fix the problem for all three groups. Bring jobs back to America. Simple as that, now I say that's simple but it's really not. That would require billions upon billions of dollars. But it creates so many jobs that allow people to make more money and get out of poverty. We think that if you bring jobs back you lower poverty rate and increase the amount of jobs.