Mr. Taran

from Oregon

About me

I´ve been living in Spain for 7 years, I can speak Spanish well, but you won´t hear me ever speaking Spanish to you....

-I have 3 older brothers and one older sister.

-I have a dog that weighs more than most humans.

-I´m very outdoorsy.

-I´m a fan of good food.

-I´m not a fan of chocolate.

-I think football is boring, but I love basketball and other team sports.

-I play on three competetive ultimate frisbee teams.

-I´ve travelled extensentively around the world.

-I´ve been to the hospital many times, but I´ve never broken a bone.

-This year my personal goal is to become an avid rock climber, and hopefully start learning French or German.

Why I teach English

I teach English because not because I´m pasionate about English, but rather because I love comunication, speaking, and teaching others to comunicate in a new way.

Three important things I must have in every English class:

-Relaxed atmosphere

-Specific goal to be accomplished that day



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