Aegean Sea

Anders Thro

Where it is

The Aegean Sea is south of Europe and borders Greece and Turkey
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How big is it?

The Aegean sea reaches over 82,626 square miles and gets up to 3,543 meters deep

Physical Characteristics

The sea contains dolphins, turtles, sponges, sea urchin, and octopus. It is made up of salt water and is in a warm area.

Human charicteristics

Most people in the area speak Greek and some speak Turkish. The most common religion is Greek orthodox and is practiced through out Greece. I in Greece they have a Constitutional Government and a Parliamentary system. The population there is spread along the coast. Many people fish the area and towns have been built along the coast.

Man made features

The aegean sea has tight but large towns along cliffs near the sea. As well as a canal for ships to go further inland. The area is also known for ancient greek ruins.

Natural Resources

The aegean sea is filled with saltwater and has many fish to be caught. Another characteristic is that the sea is surrounded by limestone.


A connection between human and physical geography is because of the jagged rock homes were built close together and are connected by walkways not roads. people live near the water along the coast and a major city in the area is Athens is on a peninsula in the sea.