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Creating Hyperlinks in Messages 4/5/13

Hyperlinks! Lots of times I and many of you want to share websites and links with others. Here are the two ways you can do that in our new email system.

Easy Way 1 - Beginner

Copy and Paste the Entire Website Address into your email message.

It will automatically be made a hyperlink when you press the space bar or hit return to go to the next line and continue your message. All hyperlinks will be underlined and blue in color if you have never visited them or purple in color if you have visited them.

Easy Way 2 - Intermediate

Instead of copy the entire website address using Edit > Copy or Command-C. But instead of pasting it straight into the email message like above, type the name of the website and insert it using the hyperlink tool like below.

Class Dojo is a great website for helping teachers manage classroom behavior. It has been getting great reviews! Check it out.

If you notice the words Class Dojo are hyperlinked and you don't see the website, but if you click the words you will be taken straight to the website.

Why is this useful?

It keeps your email messages a little more clutter free. Especially if you are sharing SEVERAL websites in one message. It also allows you to in a sense hide those long messy web addresses. How many of you have seen some that are several lines long......especially those Google Doc ones. Blah. Messy!

How do I embed my hyperlinks?

First copy the entire website address (URL) using Edit > Copy or Command + C. Then in your email message highlight the text you want to make a hyperlink. Next click the Hyperlink Tool in the toolbar of your email message. Remember it might be showing like mine or you might have to click the down arrows to find it, if you haven't added it to your toolbar yet.
A window will come up asking you for the website you want to hyperlink your text to. Paste the Website you copied earlier in the box by going to Edit > Paste or Command + V. Then click OK.
Voila! Hyperlink Done! Your text should now be underlined and either Blue or Purple in color.

There you have it! Two ways to share websites through your email!

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