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Islam is a monotheistic religion and Abraham a religious figure is common to this religion and two other religions. Followers of Islam are called Muslims or Islamists(Occasionally).Beliefs of Islam are the 5 pillars, angels, and one god.

A tradition of Islam is giving money to poor people, you'll be rewarded sometimes(occasionally).The only Islamic place of worship would be a Mosque, normally there would be huge crowd all around the mosque listening to the prayer,that is called a annual Hajj. Islamic worship leaders are called Imam.The holy book of Islam is called Qu'ran(Koran).Islamic holy days/holidays are Fridays(day of prayers in mosque), Ramadan, and Eid-Al-Fitr. A holy city sacred to Islam is Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Pics and Descriptions of Islam

Place of worship

A mosque is an Islamic place of worship

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Holy Book

The Holy book of Islam is Qu'ran (Koran)

Holy City

A holy city that is sacred to Islam is Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

There are also annual Hajj gatherings in Mecca like the one showed in this picture.

Islamic Call to Prayer - [Islam Calls You]