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Cruising the Midwest

This summer, my family, grandparents, and I drove to south Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming in an RV. Some of the highlights were Yellowstone National Park, Badlands, and Mount Rushmore. I also went to the Corn Palace, Wall Drug, many camp grounds, and more. I got a souvenir from every place I went. My favorite souvenir was a mug that says "Yellowstone."

Me and Grandma

Last summer, my grandma let every cousin make a blanket. I had such a good time! When we were all done, my grandparents went to Mexico and Texas. They gave the blankets to children in need. That summer, I also made a pillow for my bed.

Harry Potter

Over the summer, I started reading Harry Potter. I am now on the fourth book, The Goblet of Fire. I think it is the best series I have ever read. I have goten so much into the book, I started talking in an English accent.


I love playing with my cousins. I have seven cousins. When we all get together, it is usually at my grandma and grandpa's house. We somtimes play sports, but most of the time we make crafts. I always love playing with my cousins.

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I love playing basketball with my dad. We play outside, or in my grandma and grandpa's shed. Basketball is my second favorite sport. I always look forward to playing basketball with my dad.


I have drawn hundreds of pictures. It is my favorite subject. One day, me and my mom went to the Museum of Art and when I got home my mind was full of ideas to draw. I am hoping to be an artist when I grow up. I love drawing!


I have been playing Nitro for 2 years. It is so fun. This year, we got to go to State in Des Moines. I play 2nd base, and outfield. It is my favorite sport.