Little Ark

Bruiser By: Brady Smith

The Town of Little Ark

Our town is a small country town that has very nice citizens and many amenities. Come visit if you like competitive lacrosse, swimming, shopping our just hanging out with your friends.
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Little Ark High School Lacrosse

Come watch and support our outstanding lacrosse team featuring our star player Tennyson Sternberger. No one knows where he gets his talent, it seems like he was a finely built machine made to dominate the lacrosse field.
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Splish! Splash!

Our local high school has an amazing swim team featuring Bronte Sternberger and they would like to open their pool to the public. Whether you are working out or swimming for fun you will always feel good after getting out of our refreshing pool.
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Shop till you Drop

Our most popular attraction is the Little Ark Mall that has many of your favorite stores and restaurants. If you like shopping smartly and finding the best deals, then bring your friends and visit Little Ark.
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